August 15, 2022

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39 thoughts on “PR Diaries : Those Stories We Use To Whisper About On These PR Streets

  1. Alicia’s career & music took a major decline after this as well as her no longer working with Krucial Keys.

    I still don’t understand the appeal & why Alicia is so crazy about this man

    Why didn’t Jessica White ever pop?

    1. I always wondered about Jessica White too. She did have that Maybelline contract for 10 years or more. So that had to be some good money. I always like to see black American models instead of foreign black girls. But maybe it’s just me?

    1. That’s what I’m’s weird and stupid att he same time. Like she can’t find a man or something?

  2. So… Does this mean Swizz got that good peen or something??? …cause Damn… Mashonda couldn’t just go get her life elsewhere?

  3. Correct me if I’m wrong, Swizz’s daughter in the picture is not the same as she usually goes to visit London and has pictures of her in Instagram.I’m a big fan of AK, I understand that you have contact with your husband’s ex for their son but the relationship is strange. Family holidays Mashonda is always on the other hand the mother of Swizz’s first child is not even seen

  4. After seeing that video of the three you can tell who controls both they dumbasses. And how many kids does swiss have?

  5. I follow Swizz on IG for years now and he acknowledges the daughter on his page. Brings her on family vacations, visits London, etc.

    But yeah, they definitely have lots of sexy parent time together. I hope that’s in Mashonda’s new book about blended families (shrugs)

  6. Swizzle has several pictures with his daughter and shows her often. Shes recognized by him but I’ve never seen Alicia around her and he goes to the UK to see her

    1. OK well he has started that within the last couple of years because she was on Nicole bitchie in 16 right before Nicol shut down saying he doesn’t acknowledge her

  7. I wish I would share my ex with the new, who was the side chick. Not only am I the side chick now, but now I gotta Fck her too??? Man ain’t enough drugs in world cuz…

  8. So everyone in the industry just likes to share, huh?… Oh that’s right, they’re “doing it for the kids”… LIES!… Mashonda shouldve just let him go, when he left. Co-parenting is one thing. But this situation just seems weird.

    Is this the same daughter he post on IG with thw British accent, or does he have 2 daughters in the UK?

    1. Did he post her? You have to remember this is back when the girl was like 1 He should not have 2 daughters in the UK Maybe now he acknowledges her but she is like what 5 or 6?

  9. Sounds like Alicia should’ve snatched mashonda instead of Swiss since she wanted to f*** her so bad to where she would offer threesomes knowing that woman still loved him. A case of you wanna sleep with him but I wanna sleep with you so here’s what we’re going to do 😂

  10. I’m disappointed in Alicia for that. That little girl don’t deserve that … As for Nick cannon 🙄 that’s why you don’t give lame niggas no pusssy.. still love him tho

    1. Nick is a cornball lol but I heard he was a big time king pin on the low. I could believe it since the police won’t suspect him but I need the receipts.

  11. I always thought Alicia and Mashonda were the ones who really were messing around initially, and Swizz was just used as a cover up. Alicia being a homewrecker, a heterosexual homewrecker at that, that story never added up to me. Day 1 since she debuted, she was heavily rumored to be gay, like stud gay, and now shes breaking up marriages snatching chicks husbands like she was snatching wigs? Im not buying it. In the words of Keith Sweath, “Something, Something, Something Something just ain’t right…..😎

    1. 🤔🤔🤔Now this is an interesting theory that actually sounds believable… I think you’re on to something!

  12. I am starting to think that Swizz beats and Alicia keys are in a polyamorous relationship and because Alicia was the bigger star they had to make her look good with her public image by having them marry each other.

  13. Alicia you got some nerve you was the mistress and get upset when Swizz has a side baby? What was Alicia’s point in stealing Swizz when she really wants Mashonda lol.

    Is it true G that Mashonda stole Swizz from his 1st wife. That’s a rare rumor I heard she’s definitely the 2nd ex wife.

  14. Why isn’t Jessica White married? Her career is kinda over and it’s obvious Nick “buys” the so called higher end escorts he called out on vladtv. I remember she was on Terrell Owens show in the OG days and she was a low-key stalker lol.

    Nicole Scherzinger also dated him and her ex bandmate said we were basically escorts who could sing and we’re famous.

  15. Ray Charles can see Alicia likes the 😻. Winter wrote about how he hates condoms so it doesn’t surprise me he has another kid if that’s the case .
    As for Nick I always like him but he talks to damn much smh Hollywood isn’t the place for the “truth show” .. hopefully he learns before they show him

  16. The Alicia and Mashonda thing was too obvious, what I want to know is y Swiss sharing and I thought he was more into Mashona than Alicia but was stuck with Alicia.

  17. Alicia, Swizz,& Mashonda are weirdos. It is one thing to be civil for the kids, but we are NOT about to be besties. Especially, when I know how you got my ex. And what’s the deal with Swizz and out of wedlock/side babies? His azz woulda long been dropped.

  18. Random question: Why is Trey Songz so Quiet? I know he still got some music in him, did they tell him chill because of all his legal problems?

  19. I’m very cool with my son dad other kid mom. We talk on the phone for hours, call each other family, hung out often before she moved out of town, and make trips to see other without the kids. It’s a easy relationship to have when one or both of you have emotionally and physically moved on from the common dicknominator. So when i 1st got work of swizz blended fam thing some time ago, i didnt think it was a big deal. HOWEVER, seeing them interact have off completely different vibes and it made me uncomfortable, lol. Like Alicia is dicking them both down. I can’t get with it.
    Oan, Jessica is from my town and we share mutual associates. She used to be a big coke head. Idk if she still is but I’ve always wondered if her wild girl ways kept her from being as big as she could’ve.

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