October 4, 2022

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45 thoughts on “What You Didn’t Know About Nicki Minaj and Safaree Samuels

  1. Tbh I wouldn’t have been mad if they got back together, she was @ her happiest with him. Same for him. But now they both settled with some useless NY rats. Womp womp…

    1. Safaree said he prayed for erica
      And plus they’re very rich I just don’t understand why they’re back on love and hip hop when she said she was never going back

      1. Cause chile u probly think all of them are rich that’s on these reality shows but they not. They go on the shows cause they ass be broke or almost broke and trynna come up on some coins. Now Ray J May be a lil rich or sum but shit he probably the only one!

        #offtopic wats up with Camron Gf dying🤔🤔🤔🤔 so wat happened to her??? I’m sure Juju glad she got away🤷🏽‍♀️

  2. Bitch would’ve got her Mojo back and he would’ve gave Meek Mill the ultimate L. She wouldn’t get her career back but her music and behavior would’ve probably been better. Damn Safaree fumbled the biggest I’ve ever seen. I always felt that the last straw was insinuations he wrote for her but now it all makes since smh. I’d much rather them be together than the people they are with now. Damn that could be Nicki and Safaree married and pregnant together right now. Everything they wanted they are doing without each other smh

  3. I wonder if they actually ended up crossing paths day any point. Nicki tweeted not too long after the album dropped…” He Came”. I assumed she was talking about meek

    1. It’s because instead of them just saying it’s 7 $ to read they lil stories they chafing 2 $ for membership and an extra 5$ for the stories smh

  4. Sad situation and now he’s with Erica Mena broke ass and she’s with this broke dude.. Safaree and it got no money either but they could’ve made something together

    1. They have money he buys erica a lot of jewelry
      And Mercedes g wagon
      She’s also launching her fashion line this year

  5. If Nicki isn’t gonna give drake a chance then I would rather have Safaree back because he kept her head on straight. None of her men from meek to Kenneth has her making the right moves, they to busy flexing the fact they have nicki in obnoxious ways and she ain’t helping. Also She never truly allowed herself to heal after Safaree she went straight to meek to be petty. No surprise she thought about it I mean 12 years is a long time. Also no shock that the Wendy interview pissed her off cause Wendy and Nicki despise one another and he knows that from all that time together. Safaree was just in his feelings because she kept him under wraps and flaunted meek ugly ass like a prize. They both was trying to hurt each other. Like i said she need to drop Kenneth the bum and either A) step out her comfort zone and give drake a chance if he’ll consider it (I think he would if she payed her cards right) or B) get Safaree back and focus on your next career moves the right way.

    1. Also the whole ghostwriting thing being the dealbreaker makes sense too. He was again trying to hurt her and went to far without knowing the consequences. He thought they would be able to glaze it all over once the dust settled but no he fucked it up. Now he stuck with crazy ass Erica mena Permanently and I’m sure Nicki ain’t about to deal with that headache.

  6. I think that’s why she married petty so quick bc safaree had gotten Ericka pregnant and engaged to be married to ericka. So Nikki trying to act like she moving on but still has those feeling for safaree twelve years is a long and time they have history

    1. It was already discussed that once Safaree sat down with Wendy and pissed Nicki off the narrative changed about who the song was originally about. Believed to be Safaree at first and then switched over to meek and then finally folks said Kenneth. This is word from people who actually spent time with nicki….

  7. I have always wondered if Safaree really was a ghost writer because To me Nikki hasn’t had a hit album since her and Safaree broke up but that’s just me! The diss her & Remy did , Nikki shit was wack to me! But that’s just me🤷🏽‍♀️

    1. But hit by who’s standard?. She was black balled and they played with her numbers. Queen was her most lyrical album. So write what? Other eras may have been more seem less but you have to take her team into account. The material was there, the writing was great!

  8. Im still in awe she downgraded and married such a loser. Something about Petty creeps me out and sadly Nicki will have to learn the hard way about getting with a rebound. I understand why she would be hurt with Safaree but he really fucked up. As far and him and Erica I don’t know, half of her persona is based on a scripted show. So who knows who she is behind closed doors, they are compatible due to the sun sighs (Hes a Cancer and she’s a Scorpio). Whatever happens with all of them, wish them the best.

  9. Shell never be as great as she was with safaree than shes been without him. I believe they both hiding pain theyre both being stubborn.. both tryna one up the other and both still love the fuck out of eachother!.. I KNEW that song was about him. She aint been right since he been gone and it shows.

  10. Well I know Nicki and Safaree had their issues, but I think that they could have probably worked them out. Even though they have “moved on” I really don’t see anyone else better fit for them. Well for Nicki, Drake would have been a good fit. Other than that, Safaree would have been her dude. Too bad they couldn’t make peace.

  11. I wanna say good for her cause that was shady how she started seeing Meek especially there’s public photos of him & Safaree seemingly cool

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