October 2, 2022

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29 thoughts on “The Truth Behind The New York Train Abduction

  1. I thought the whole thing was weird too! I wanna know how is it that somebody just happened to be filming the guy ready for something to happen? Was the dude in red acting suspicious prior to all that? And then the way the boyfriend hesitate and kept asking who. The whole thing was so strange…

  2. I don’t know what to believe after that whole fake abduction happened with the girl in the Bronx. My husband works on that block so at first we thought it was definitely possible but once we heard it was staged, I knew it would cause suspicion for anything real that happens from here on out. Yes, this whole video looks weird and staged because of the person recording it and doing nothing and the dude in red looking at him record and feeling brave enough to just abduct someone on a train with witnesses recording, same with the boyfriend who kept asking “who?”. I can only assume dude in the red was acting weird prior to the recording starting and the boyfriend was half asleep and intimidated by how big this dude in the red was and feared getting stomped out. We’re also living in sad times where people would do anything to go viral….sooooo I honestly don’t know what to think.

  3. they said the person recording was a kid ….so what can a young kid do really at one point the dude looked over to the person re horsing and they put the phone down …hes locked up now they got his profile and put his ass on blast ….I live in nyc and trust in belive we see homeless couples on the train resting…its alot.of weird shit going on …

  4. Chances are , the “boyfriend” was in on it and only because so many people saw it , made it hot and it blew up on IG red coat was stopped in action, this shit Is sick

  5. Thank you! Watched this several time earlier and something seemed way off about the entire ordeal. Especially the lack of urgency from the camera person

  6. I was so appalled at the guy who is videotaping this whole scenario take place and does nothing. I just can’t believe this society where people are too scared or nosey to take action, but they have no problem videotaping it. People will say well what if he intervened and got hurt? So what he could of alerted the police in the station, use his cell phone, get the attention of the conductor. Anything! Because if that is your sister, wife, or mother you would want someone to step in. And the guy sitting next to her is useless. I was telling my husband i would break up with him too if he were my man. And I i pray to God this wasn’t a setup or people will never believe when it is real.

  7. This video is so scary…but with what happend with the young girl faking her abduction, it’s got alot of people jaded. We are living in strange and scary times.

    Please stress to your family members the importance of being aware of your surroundings and PAY close attention when something doesn’t seem right. Carry a peopper spray as well.

    Sad sad world.

  8. I’ve seen a dope fiend try to jump into a parked car with a family inside, when I lived in the Bronx. Random people get attacked all the time in the subway, whether during daylight or midnight hrs. Nothing surprises me.

  9. COPS ARRESTED him when he went to HOSP for the STREET BEAT DOWN he got!!! These kids in NY are different. They smoke too much weed (including Heroin). They ride the train system as their play ground (sleep, crimes etc). Sadly, some of their parents don’t know no better either. Not too mention (this generation) is dumb as HELL. Don’t let that one even dumber teen (fake abduction) turn us away from the REAL SHYT going on out here. It’s a shame anyway you look at it.

    1. It is very sad. But i guess even fake abduction is done on purpose to make people think always abduction is fake and have to be ignored,while its real. We all have to be care.

  10. This was a real crackhead move!! When he tapped her shoe he could see she was atleast slightly responsive. So how far did u think u was gonna get snatching her up and running with her she damn near grown!!??? Then tried sitting on her like she was a helpless child who couldn’t really move 😩😩Dickhead . Real dickhead. I’m glad he got his ass beat.

  11. wish I would’ve known this was just an overview of the video before reading, im ready to get to the meat and potatoes

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