September 29, 2022

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20 thoughts on “So Guess Who Was not At This Oscar Party Thrown By Giselle and Hubby

  1. Well damn! She just don’t know when to say when. Just because your dad is Stan Lathan that don’t mean shit! She lucky Paulette didn’t shoot her ass….yet!

    1. That too. But when you got two Virgos (Giselle and Sanaa) there is going to be some problems. Hence, to what G said that Giselle wants to have this perfect fairy tale image. Virgos love perfection. And that what Giselle wants…Perfection. she want get it when she is married to a Sagittarius.

      1. exactly! This is why I honestly believe that Jay-z never really loved Beyonce at all. Sag men switches up and a Virgo is not really a good choice whatsoever for them. I think she was more enamored with the glitz and glamour. To tell you the truth, I think her brain is fogged up and she is in love with the idea of being in love.

  2. Now if Sanaa was a true Earth like myself (Taurus), she knows how to feel her way to a man. Earth signs like Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn we have home court advantage, but Tauruses are the groundest follow by Virgos then Capricorns. Sanaa should have played that move right. She shouldn’t touched him just yet. She should have waited and watch. Then know her surroundings and felt her way into that atmosphere especially Giselle was in the room.

  3. She seems like the type to do some ish like that I get that I’ll grab your man’s d*** right on front of you vibe. Giselle is hella insecure though just leave.

  4. Yea.. not feeling sanaa like I used to.. she s kinda slutty.. in spite of Giselle insecurities thats not your man to touch next she’ll be all over Chadwick #eyeroll

  5. I just still don’t get why anyone would want touch his chest other than Giselle any dang way.

    1. Yea and he getting old and ugly af! He never been good looking so its just getting worse. He grosses me tf out ewww barf

  6. San@a knows her role…… TRUST…… G!selle perhaps took the bait and shouldn’t have acted out of character (if she is indeed the REALest n!gga in the room)
    ….that further validates all of the MANY stories of her diva-tude and insecurities when it comes to her and other women….

    If she is not careful that will be used to deactivate her brand (think how n!cki min@j is being “hit” now) one day whenever the elites decide she is no longer of any use to them

  7. I think she knows what she is doing… and I think that she is a less crazier version of Halle Berry because everyone loves Halle Berry….but every man says that she is batshit crazy….Sanaa is just as crazy but she is a little more conniving and blatant about her Conquest of men…that’s why she put her hand on his chest in front of everyone because she knows that the effect of her doing this to him would entice him…. but to anyone else it’s a blatant disrespect to the wife or girlfriend he’s with…she knows what she’s doing

  8. I peeped what she posted today on Instagram *sips tea* … also I was wondering did you have any tea on Tyra Banks? And where do I make a a special request

    1. She’s a escort like the rest of the super models. One guy even put Tyras name out there in a tell all book.

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