October 3, 2022

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21 thoughts on “Hot Takes 2/18/20

  1. Wendy must want her show cancelled because y would u make fun of someone being murdered. The audience was even disgusted and they usually go along with everything she says and does. Harvey Weinstein is very protected and powerful. One of the reasons why he is so powerful is the fact that there will always be women willing to sleep with him to better their career.

      1. Can someone tell me is YG gay? Idk .. maybe he’s just funny looking (to me he is) 😂 lol.

  2. It’s almost like Wendy is trying to sabotage herself. WTF is wrong with her? I stopped watching her show about 6 months ago because I’m sick of her mouth.

  3. I could not believe it when I heard Wendy make that joke…I literally sat there with my mouth hanging open like..noooo this bish did NOT just say that bs!!!!

    Lizzo and Harry Styles?? I thought he was into men??

    Damn, Star Brim is going right back to jail. I had no idea she was the highest ranking female in the Brim Bloods, til I read it in the news today. Cardi better be careful…she is about to have some secret fed cases building on her like Takashi.

    1. But its crazy when the media said that takashi snitched on cardi I really thought it was true but turns out its still true its just her bestie

  4. Don’t feel sorry for Star. She’s a gutter rat bum bitch that gives the stereotypical example of ghetto black bitch. Anyone that embodies a persona that our ancestors died trying to make a difference for deserves to be voided. Foh

    1. I definitely dont feel bad for her. Imagine being a grown ass woman (or man) who still thinks it’s cute to be a gang member. It’s not cute at any age, but despicable as an adult.

  5. Feds was definitely building a case against Star they had her on watch even before she got arrested smh .. Weinstein May walk some FU shit but our black men going to jail for petty while is ass ain’t going no where near a jail cell but eventually he will pay …Lizzo with Harry style industry type of ish… I hope Wendy ain’t out here taking drugs again 🤦🏾‍♀️

  6. Wendy has become unbearable! That Elshit plant, all her videos are about satan. Harvey with the old man Walker Lol what a joke. Imagine sucking that nasty dick for roles & an oscar yuck!

    1. Listen, I’m ready to snatch that walker from under him. I never saw that man with a walker til they started making him go to court. The lies! The lies! *in my Kandi voice lmao

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