October 3, 2022

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22 thoughts on “The Truth About Jay -z and Puffy The Secrets Behind Black Excellence And Why They are Loved and Hated PT2

    1. He thought they were his real friends. It’s rare to find genuine friendship in this game it’s a hard lesson to have learned.

  1. This is sooooo good! I’ve always felt bad for Kanye smh RIP to the great legends them ugly niggas killed😒 i can’t stand Diddy Jay or Giselle and it’s been that way for years since i know how they are and the foolishness they have done and still do! It makes since of how they came up from getting rid of those good rapppers smh…disgusting!!!

  2. A. I thought no one could do those rituals but the person who was benefitting from it? B. if Kanye did do it,for J is that the reason Kanye is worth a few Billion without combining his wife’s income? Unlike J? C. How can they protect him from J, when at the drop of a dime, any one of the daughters, would happily bed J?

    1. One of who daughters? The kardashians I doubt that. G told us before that jay z liked Kim but never got with her. Kim and Kanye knows secrets about Giselle and jay. Lol

  3. Off topic: lil Wayne said in one of his songs that Sarah was his favorite destiny child lol

    Can you tell us why lil Wayne run to him as well. Jayz also tried to ride lil Wayne coattails.

  4. These are good. Please keep it coming.. The two men I despise the most and I am glad a lot of people are seeing their evil ways

  5. One other thing G do these celebrities like the fans getting them tattooed or they don’t care?? It’s weird as hell to me

  6. I always felt like it was really jay who sacrificed Big. After his death jay suddenly became the biggest thing in hip hop

  7. The problem with Big and Pac was that they made their future moves known.
    Do you think Diddy was just going to let his biggest artist just walk away? lol
    Big was going to start his own label and sign his own artist, that would have been competition for Bad Boy.

  8. I always thought Puff had something to with BIG’s death. BIG wanted to his own thing. I think he signed a 6 album deal and his plan was Born Again was gonna to be a triple album, S.C. Always gave me tremendous vibe.

  9. It just baffles me that they don’t believe in the TRUE ALMIGHTY GOD, but they worship Satan? How does that make sense? How do you believe in one and not the other? How do these two bozos have people Idolizing them? I am so embarrassed. Father God I am so sorry.

  10. Bandwagoners take “Black Excellence” and try to pin it on people like Jay Z and Puff. But the truth is Black Excellence is ANY Black person who does well, gives back to others, breaks barriers big or small, and or finds something new. And it doesn’t matter the size of their bank accounts. Success isn’t just measured in a monetary form either. People need to stop letting these undercover broke/evil/crooked celebrities tell them about the REAL world and REAL life. The one the majority of us live in.

  11. The main thing that really shocks me of all is how can you be so muthafcking cruel!!!! To have someone literally take you out just to be on top. I knew when you told us G that you was told that Diddy sacrificed BIG and all of the evidence keeps pointing out that BIG was gonna have a label the only reason behind him getting Junior Mafia ! Diddy is everything BIG was suppose to be but he would of been way bigger than Diddy is now. His karma is waiting on him ! I feel BiG knew that’s why he was working so hard to get off of BadBoy and become his own boss ! The way he was moving you could tell ! Smhh such a fucking shame

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