October 1, 2022

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20 thoughts on “The Truth Behind The Beef Between Brandy and Monica Part 1

  1. Hey G! Sounds like the late Phyllis Hyman and Angela Bofill! I don’t know you remember them ole heads, but hunty! Clive aka Satan’s Son ain’t shit!

  2. Yep, like Brandy and Monica, Clive had Phyllis Hyman and Angela Bofill on his label too! He is definitely is Satan’s Son for real!

  3. I’ve been waiting on this one. I’ve always wondered why they didn’t like each other & why the fake makeup only to fall out again.

  4. Now it makes sense. Clive had Phyllis Hyman first. Bump her with Angela Bofill. Then turn around bump both of them with Whitney Houston. So would that means Brandy was first. Bump her with Monica. Bump both of them with Fantasia? All 6 of these ladies were and are under Clive Davis. What the hell was he thinking? 🤔

  5. Brandon is laughable… Waiting on part two and website fixed bc this my fourth time trying post this comment

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