October 4, 2022

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41 thoughts on “HOT TAKES 7/7/2020

    1. Let the people tell it she’s his wife and in love with him. I can’t wait to see what the world say😭

  1. I don’t think this is a good look for Lauren and I been side eyeing her every since Nips death

  2. Wait so is this to mean they would let us voluntarily find out about them or involuntary? Whew chile that will be so messy. Idc how much money or status he has I don’t think she should risk her respect or reputation at least publicly. They will talk about her like a dog forever she won’t be able to live that shit down. Even if her and Diddy don’t wrk out.

  3. Carmelo Anthony baby mom be big mad when he post Lala and the son. You was the side ho that got pregnant of course he’s not going to post your side child Duh. The LGBTQ community is really some bullies. When that diddy and LL story break with receipts it’s going to be messy. I think the blame will be on diddy because the people will probably say he preyed on her while she was vulnerable.

    1. The same thing I was thinking. These side pieces just don’t understand the game, like your pregnancy was a secret the entire time and so was you by the way I’m no fan of LaLa

  4. Carmelo side baby mama needs to let it go. This is the consequence of sleeping and getting pregnant by a married man. She had the baby. He cuts the check. Is it wrong he isn’t involved in the child’s life? No. But it is what it is. She has tried to shame this man to no end to be physically active in that baby’s life. And guess what? He still won’t do it. He doesn’t care. If Lala left him for good and moved on, Melo still wouldn’t be in that baby’s life. He didn’t want that child.

    Lauren needs to come clean and get the dragging that she is only prolonging.

    Kanye getting that money doesn’t shock me. All the “billionares” getting the help while the REAL little man businesses who NEED the help go penniless… Smh.

  5. I love the hot takes. If kim & Kanye are billionaires, so am I 😁
    Lauren Lauren, I recently saw an interview with her and she looked very very happy. Now I know why. That man Will sacrifice her. She better be careful. Too many deaths & that psycho

  6. First the love of Diddy’s life Kim dies then 4 months later the love of Lauren’s life Nipsey dies. It could just be a coincidence.

  7. Lauren and Nipsey weren’t together when he died lol I’m so tired of people acting like they were married and so in love..

      1. Nope a lot of people on ig comments was spilling tea saying that he was still seeing his first bm. And you remember he tweeted in 2017 saying that they broke up. I thought it was weird but he told the world that.

    1. Honestly I felt like Lauren was not sincere when talking about their love for each other and their relationship. I don’t know them as a couple to be able to speak on their relationship but I definitely picked up the insincerity when ever she did talk.

  8. I WANT the Lauren and Diddy news to come out. I swear, I dont mean to sound cruel…I have lost a child to murder and I know she did hurt when Nip was killed..but I never believed they had this deep love connection that she was portraying it to be at the time of his death. To me, I’m sorry but…Lauren got more publicity and “come up” off his death than she has in her entire career.

    Kanye taking that loan just irks every inch of my soul. They listed Khloe as taking a loan for her business as well. I’m truly bothered by this. As much money as this family has..they couldnt borrow from each other?

    Ghislene is talking to the feds…look out girl..you in danger. You are about to commit involuntary suicide in 5..4..3..2…..

    1. Money hungry people don’t care. They want it all if it’s given or taken. But yeah Lauren and nip probably only lasted cuz she had a baby. It probably was a good talking situation for the moment that about it. Even when he announced on Twitter when they broke up. I thought that was weird but he wanted people to know he wasn’t with her crazy ass.

  9. So on Teyana new album she has a song called “lose each other” And wonder who she talking about I was thinking Lori. Lori was at her album listening but that doesn’t mean anything.

    1. I was wondering if/when someone else would pick up on this. I also think “Still” is about Lori too, especially with how emotional she got towards the end of that song. There other songs from “The Album” I suspect references her relationship w/Lori as well.

  10. Even thought she might not want to admit it but it’s ok to move on. Yes he was the love of her life and the marathon keeps on. But girl come in we know you fucking somebody

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