May 16, 2022

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17 thoughts on “Hot Takes 4/11/2021

  1. Yes ppl was going in on Tiny posting that DMX had passed but i knew she wasn’t posting false information like that! G, i remember you’ve worked with DMX in the past, hope you’re doing ok.

  2. Can someone please fix my account, email sent March 30th when the LiL Wayne article came out and probably messed up a lot of Sugar babies account. Not sure why when the site has exclusive content, our regular accounts get jeopardize and I can’t see any articles anymore

  3. Dr Dre knew Nicole was no joke thats why he married her… so she is gonna peel his muffin cap back blue… he shouldnt have broke her heart i guess… sorry but im for all of this

  4. Dmx was apart of the “50” club If you know what I mean
    And all these people and celebrities showing fake love
    Sick of quavering and swatlee
    Happy kylie and jordyn are fixing their friendship jlo got her karma for what she did to marks wife

  5. When and If Jordyn gets Friendly again with Kylie, People are gonna lose it. If I was her I would think hard about if I would want to be friends with her again. Anyone who leaves you out to dry like that isn’t really your friend 🤷.

    RIP DMX 🙏. May he finally have peace. Let’s see how the blood suckers will try to capitalize off this poor man’s death.

  6. People have been moving funny and I’m not fully convinced that the narrative put out is the truth on DMX’s passing. RIP to my favorite rapper.

  7. Drake had to accept that everyones time comes to an end. He’s had a good run tho. Makes sense why he suddenly wanna work with nicki now too.

    Quavo lame asf for dissin women that don’t wanna fuck him, like grow up.

    Kylie and jordan makes sense, they were childhood friends I can’t be mad at that. But khloe should apologize. This past weeks event with her unedited pic, pretty much showed us how insecure she really is. She probably takes that insecurity out on other women, bcuz she needs a man to feel validated.

  8. I thought Flo rida was gay.. Ashanti is so pretty she can do better. What’s up with Tyga Woods this is his second horrible car crash.. doesn’t look good. I think Quavo still in love with Saweetie

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