September 26, 2022

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23 thoughts on “The Truth Behind Drake’s Grammy Speech Getting Cut Off

  1. I dont get what drake was trying to prove… be thankful and more tf on… no one cares and now his career is in trouble. What waste

  2. Well are they going to do the same to Ariana because she basically said f the show then did a 360 and was happy that she won

  3. I hope Nicki was listening…you already WON. Social media can be so cruel, they’ve already started the whole “Cardi got a grammy, Nicki what you got???” bs…I hope she doesn’t internalize it. Like his said, it’s opinion based, not factual. I can’t imagine Drake not being hot🙁 Can the Elites really stop DRAAAKE?! (Soulja Boy’s voice)

    1. GeminQueengirl Nicki need to stay off of SM. Because that is the best thing for her to do now. She need to worry about her tour.

  4. Him and his boo Nicki might end up on the same path. Both got in trouble for popping off at the mouth saying th wrong thing at an awards show. Hope he’s not as stubborn to apologize or else it’s a wrap.

  5. I knew as soon as Drake started that speech he was fucked. Although it was REAL AF! You know that’s the exact opposite message the elites what the sleeping sheep to hear. You can tell on some of the other celebrities faces that they were scared for him. They know he will face some kind of consequence behind this. I love me some Drake so I hope it won’t be too bad..

  6. I have nothing against Nicki but I feel she’s behind this and they’re back talking . Then she’s about to use him to get in the good graces of the gp

  7. I watched this with my mouth open like OMG he is really dissing the Grammys in a nice way. He’s really saying to Nikki fuck the Grammys you are a winner you don’t need this. I can’t wait to see how this plays out for drake. It’s not looking good.

    1. Remember when he was on the phone with riri when she was at the Grammies like 3-4 yrs ago and didn’t win anything he said something about it in one of his songs

  8. I haven’t watched the grammy’s since 2003.. the last era of good music so I didn’t even know this shit was on..TBH

  9. I saw that he did that. And honestly, I didn’t think he needed to. It made it seem like he felt guilty for winning. But why? If he won he won. And I can definitely say, that he rightfully won, unlike some people. But for him I felt like the elites felt. LOL!

    He could have worded it in another way by saying that he was thankful to be in the category with those people…blah, blah. And kept it moving.

  10. YIKES Drake!!! 😳😳😳 I cant believe you dissed the Grammys with the award in hand bro! Ummmm not smart and hella risky 🤦🏽‍♀️

  11. The elites need to play in high speed traffic. Most regular folks figured out what Drake said years ago. Too bad he and his counterparts don’t get that. The Grammys, Oscars, and etc are all based on art(acting, singing& etc). Like he said, what yoh think is awesome the next thinks it sucks. Unlike a sport where points are put on the board to determine the win. Most of those award winners suck anyway. Please don’t listen to Oscar when making movie choices.

    However, Drake is apart the crazy/witchy entertainment world. Even though he spoke truth. He should have kept his mouth shut.

    Also if he feels that way, why the hell submit a entry? Or does he HAVE to submit one because the witchy elites will get him?

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