October 3, 2022

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23 thoughts on “Dated, Smashed, Or Nothing Ever Happened

  1. Welp, MYA is definitely a trophy & seems to be the ideal Queen. Guess she wasn’t the one for Gucci. Keyshia seems like she’s Gucci Handler anyway. 😒🤷🏽‍♀️

      1. G there’s a psychic named Mystic Circle on YouTube who did a reading on Gucci and Keyshia K’oir. She said there was a girl Gucci was seeing but Keyshia was the side piece and stole him with that good ole Jamaican witch craft. She messes with the Marine spirits and was very jealous of the third party but spirit doesn’t name them. Come to find out it was Maya 😮 WOWWW!!! Keyshia also puts a lil “Red Gravy” in his spaghetti every now and then to keep him at bay.

        Yes she’s his handler where she has a switch. One minute she’s very loving/sexy when she wants to get sexed up and spoiled. Next min she has a chanting word that makes Gucci obey where she chastizes him like a mother. They have a lot of money coming in but it’s leaving just as fast because she has a spending problem.

        Only thing I can’t fathom is she read that Gucci seen the warning signs when he got with Keyshia but he only went through because she’s the prettiest girl he ever got with. Bitch where? 🙄🙄🙄 Now that I know it’s Maya we all know she’s a top 5. Keyshia has a regular cute hood face with unproportioned plastic surgery. So it’s the voodoo that’s got him mesmerized lol.

        Love didn’t come at first for Keyshia it just came later in the relationship her sole motive was to get out the hood and using a baller for that. Gucci still cheating though. And still mad at his mom for taking his money smh. He’s killed her in his mind. In my personal opinion G a mother who’s sacrificed deserves a comfortable lifestyle just as well as your conniving wife. Oh yeah and Keyshia is creeping or will creep with a baller ans it’ll make headlines one day. Thats what the media says.

  2. Mya gets her feelings hurt quite often actually. Pretty girl and a nice girl. That shit is an unfortunate mix.

  3. I never heard this before. And I was still in high school around 2009. I never really follow Gucci Mane like that. Everybody was talking about Michael Jackson and Chris Brown and ReRe. I guess I miss this one.

  4. Ok so did Mya and 50cent smash?? Did 50smash pink like he said?? Speaking of pink did she really sleep with the whole naughty by nature??

  5. I remember when Keyshia used to go back and forth to Dubai. They love those smutted-out chicks. My grandma said, “Hoes love hoes.” Very true words.

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