August 16, 2022

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32 thoughts on “Looks Like I will be Able to Do reoccuring Payments and Yearly subscriptions If you choose

  1. Can you just pay for the year? We are in the second month so it’s 10 months left. Can we just pay 20 and that’ll cover till the end of the year?

  2. Damn I will miss the tea but I’m not making nobody else rich over some gossip . Just like I did with fee

    1. I feel where you are coming from… The liars messed it for the ppl who paid. I’ma still stay because this is one of the 3 blogs I frequent.. but I get where you are coming from. I just hope this prevents moles from coming in.

    2. Chile please my 9-5 pays me way more. But as I said that’s your choice. I find it insulting that you think your $2 is making me rich. When I am risking way more, spending way more and offering services for $5 that you can’t get anywhere, So again. I am not just giving you “nO gossip” SO TO COMPARE me to fameolous is very insulting. We do not do the same thing. SMh anyway

      1. Exactly!!!! The other blog you’re paying. $11 a month for tea every other page has is ridiculous! Gina is giving inside information and tea that was around before social media and tea other people can’t give. $2 is nothing. How is that making her rich? If you don’t like it why comment? Keep it moving!

  3. Side note : I’m glad your doing this G . Because a certain instagram blog (cough🙄) I noticed as soon as you started this blog they pretty much ran to follow suit LOL but I noticed they’re page has been dry 😴 though since you got that sugar sifter❤️.. lol
    anywho G we got you

  4. I love and support what you do. My boyfriend wants in on the music industry, but I constantly remind him of what goes on through your blog. Thank you for looking out for people you don’t even know but want to help. It takes a real one to be selfless!

  5. How can I pay for next month? Do we just do it through PayPal? The link to pay doesn’t appear on top of articles anymore.

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