July 6, 2022

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23 thoughts on “Blind Sugar Reveal from 8/19/2021

  1. Well what did she do with her money? She don’t seem like the type to have 50 birkin and wasting her money. I believe some of what you said about her but not the going broke!

  2. I’m actually in tears. This blog is losing its credibility faster than the titanic sunk in the god damn ocean.

  3. All of yall commenting about the blogs “credibility” and “switching up” are mad as shit that it’s your fave. Everything that has been said about her on this blog HAS COME TRUE. She put herself in this position, dont be mad at the reporter go be mad at your fave.

    1. Nope Nicki was THEIR FAVE FOREVER. That’s why folks are mad! They’re mad because they were thee most upset with the barbs when this takedown train started…

    2. Exactly, they come to this blog for tea and get pissed it’s their favorite celebrity. Nicki married and procreated with that rapist and he’s now costing her money!

  4. Why are y’all mad? Why would y’all want them to make it about cardi when it’s not. Makes no damn sense. Just because it’s nicki doesn’t mean it’s not happening to her. Nobody’s life is perfect at all! Quit being mad because it wasn’t who y’all expected. Y’all can quickly log out and never sign in again.

  5. I’m still confused as to what other law suits 🤔. The other two she settled and came out spending like 700,000 I’m sure that didn’t hurt her pockets at all lol

    1. @erobi27 that’s what I wanna know. Nicki is still getting paid for her work dealing selling! What happened to all the millions she is supposed to get from jayz selling tidal?

  6. When did this blog get so many barbz? Yall can be in denial as much as you want but your fave is a damn idiot for getting with that predator.

  7. nicki should’ve never gotten with such a poisonous man, he’s out here making her look ridiculously stupid, she’s never been able to pick good men.

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