October 4, 2022

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53 thoughts on “Blind Sugar

    1. One of her easier ones. I did think of Stef Curry but when I saw the “new city” then it became LeBron.

  1. Smh these Aaliyah fans don’t make any sense. They refuse to believe that she was up to thangs… she was an impressionable young girl and he’s a predator 🤦🏾‍♀️

  2. Finally a blind easy enough for me to pick up on.
    I never could understand how people/fans didn’t pick up on RK being a pedophile
    Funny how “we” get exposed but nonblacks don’t, like u touched on…Elvis! Smdh

    1. If people know about it, it has been exposed, but it doesn’t matter who gets exposed it’s all wrong. Fact is the industry is controlled by old Jewish and white men who are always going to protect their own.

  3. Since the documentary tonight tashak posted about aaliyah & her mother sleeping with Rkelly smh. You always right tho ☕

  4. Aaliyah and Lebron. I wish they let this whole Aaliyah R Kelly thing rest, only because she’s dead. We all know he was/is a pedophile and she was definitely no angel 😇 case closed!

    Not sure how Lebron got this squeaky clean image, I thought he’s always cheated. I remember hearing whispers a while back. Even before he finally married his wife…correct me if I’m wrong but doesn’t he have a whole baby out there that doesn’t belong to his wife? 🤷🏾‍♀️

    1. Girl I’m from Cle and he is a cheating dog. He stayed cheating in Cle in the public b/c we dont have paparazzi and stuff. Yep he got the 19 action news reporter pregnant Sharon Reed in Cle then shipped her away. 😴😴😴 He even used to have his lil Cle sidepiece at all the games. The Cavs team used to pull up to the club and pack girls in their cars and take them home.

  5. LeBron was cheating all over Ohio down to flying women out to Vegas so he could cheat with his boys, paying for some girl’s medical school, paid for someone’s hair salon, & that situation with Sharon Reed & there’s plenty more of where that came from

    He uses his boys to set up his mistresses but he’s simply more careful now

    Savannah in the beginning was in denial bc she claimed to never have proof until she had to find out the hard way

    she’s honestly about the lifestyle now, but Hollywood side pieces aren’t going to be discreet like the ones in Ohio were

  6. Well, men gonna be men, especially men with money… cause don’t nobody care when the dude is broke… smh

  7. As for Aaliyah.. her parents/family is about to be put on blast and it’s gonna open up a can of worms… not just her everyone, about grown ass adults pimping out their kids to Hollyweird and turning the other cheek as long as the money is rolling… the me too movement is about to be a conflict of interest especially with Aaliyah voluntarily marrying R Kelly and getting pregnant then getting a abortion. It’s about to go down and Bill Cosby is gonna come back up. Of course it won’t effect the white devils in Hollywood with the exact samething.

  8. Pause. Hey G… I noticed that R Kelly doc is produced by dream hampton. Wasn’t she connected to him and Diddy back in the day???

    1. Something isn’t sitting right with her involvement, like why is she naming names on people who didn’t want to be involved? And why didn’t she interview the parents of the underage victims? Would have given more context…maybe I’m wrong but dream Hampton seems to be using this situation to gain notoriety idk something feels off…

  9. Dana haughton & LBJ damn baby I had high hopes for you. 🤦🏽‍♀️ Don’t keep doing my good sis savannah now.

    1. Who is Tasha K (I know I’m late) and it’s been a nasty rumor that he used to sleep with her Mom 1st Smh

  10. The documentary disgusts me. I know people get mad when white people dont get the same treatment, but we should sadly expect that now. They NEVER are served what they deserve, but God has the last day and that’s gonna be worse than anything on earth.

  11. I watched the lifetime doc surviving r. Kelly and now im wonderin what he has on all the celebs that refused to comment. My heart is so broken for those girls and Aaliyah. Omg. Im disgusted! So many people enabled him. Im heart broken.

  12. Being that I know all Lebron business……

    I thought bout STEPH CURRY cause you hear NOTHING bad about the currys but YES LEBRON DEF LITS THE BILL also

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