September 26, 2022

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41 thoughts on “Blind Sugar 5/29/19

  1. First one is John and Chrissy
    Declining rapper is Nicki Minaj
    Last one is Lady Gaga, Irena and Bradley

    1. I just need to know what the hell Nicki did to have her deactivation be THIS bad!? Like they are going above and beyond with getting rid of her and it’s sad and I fear she’ll get SEVERELY depressed :’(

      And I thought Chris would tour with her because he knows what it’s like to have everyone turn on him but dang guess even he don’t want no part of her drama either SMFH

      1. True! Those words AND couple that with her dating bitch ass meek mill which hurt her white fan base..that is why they’re trying to scrub her legacy off the rap game 🙁

      2. She did turn 35 but idk there’s something more slimey about how they’re doing her that leads me to believe it’s more than that. I know G says when you fight the deactivation they punish you like they did with Mariah for example, but nah they came out the gate with the harshness smh

      3. I feel bad for her. I agree with EVERYTHING you said like they’re going EXTRA hard! I hate it and it’s wrong. And is the tour with Chris, OFF? I didn’t even know. You would think that since he WAS her at a point that he wouldn’t dip on her. But I guess. Just wow. Depression could be very near like you said. I hope she got people around her to hold her up. Man. SMH.

    2. Ummm because shes a mean person. She came to our office and was sooo mean to the staff. She made 3 ppl cry and treated all of us like shit. And we didnt even do anything. Even the aftercare facility had multiple complaints of her. She pissed all over the floors and didnt even care to go to the restroom. If shes that nasty around us common folk i can only imagine how nasty she can be in her own scene. With industry ppl.

      1. She’s getting everything she deserves. Karma is a petty bitch…and she reaping hers now.

  2. If the declining rapper is Nicki Minaj I don’t understand why she needs to tour with another person! Nicki is still on top with her fans and that’s all that matters!

    1. #85 is John and Chrissy but who is the model/actress whose DM he slid into?

      #86 Lady Gaga maybe?

      #87 Nicki Minaj

      #88 Bradley Cooper / Irina Shayk / Lady Gaga?

    2. If that was all that matters she would be touring and selling out by herself she is no onger doing that

    3. Even though she has a strong fan base they can try to make it seem like she “flopped” with anything she touches now. Just like G said they did with Queen. They played with her numbers there is no way someone of Nicki’s stature numbers should have been that low. They are doing everything they can to make her just give in & throw in the towel.

  3. 1.john is the singer sliding in her dm
    Chrissie tiegen
    Not sure about the beauty pageant

    3.nicki minaj

    4.bradley cooper and wifey+ gaga

  4. The last one is Rihanna and Naomi Campbell cuz remember Rih & Naomi used to be close and Hassan is Naomi’s ex

      1. Oh yea.. My bad. I just knew that those 2 were there at the same time lol…

  5. But WHY won’t people go on tour with Nicki? Will they get in trouble because she’s getting deactivated. Or do people in the industry not like her anymore? Is the tour with CB not happening anymore?

    1. 1. John legend, Chrissy , and Olivia Munn
      2. Gaga
      3. Nicki
      4. Bradley Cooper, GaGa, and I forget his gf name. Lol

  6. 85- Olivia Culpo (Nick Jonas Ex), John Legend, Chrissy Teigen
    86- Lady Gaga
    87- Nicki Minaj (wasn’t she going to do a tour with Chris Brown?l
    88- Lady Gaga, Irina Shayk, Bradley Cooper.
    I thought of Rihanna and Naomi Campbell, but Rihanna didn’t attend the Met Gala this year.

  7. 85: Olivia Culpo – John and Chrissy

    86: Lady Gaga

    87: Nicki Minaj

    88: Lady Gaga – Bradley Cooper and Irina

  8. So G does that mean that Chris backed out of the tour they were supposed to go on together ? That’s fucked up if so I was hype for this combo. 😢

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