October 5, 2022

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27 thoughts on “Blind Sugar 1/24/20

    1. I never knew Miss Jackson was a stripper. I thought the 2nd one was the girl from 5th Harmony but reading the replies I think it may be Dawn from Dirty Money/Danity Kane. All her surgeries could not have been cheap…

      1. I was thinking Camilla and Simon when I first read it but after re-reading it, I believe it’s Diddy and Dawn. The “Dirty Little Secrets” reference was a clue. Dawn was a member of Diddy Dirty Money.

  1. SMH if that’s really Nelly, but if it is, I’m sure he can strike up a Sean Combs ad promo deal for a few dollars.

  2. I’m not sure if the last one is Nelly or not, but he was just performing at our local casino on Friday the 17th and it wasn’t even announced like that. I just so happened to be there at the casino with my work company when I saw all the commotion. Someone told me it was Nelly but it wasn’t announced that well, there was hardly anyone there and the few that were there were either old heads who were probably fans growing up and a few young thotums. Idk, just an observation. I didn’t actually see Nelly himself.

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