October 3, 2022

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25 thoughts on “Spillin Sugar On Everybody

  1. This tea 😩 I ain’t even mad at Ari, do you boo, if he cheating, I’m cheating too, trust n believe I ain’t sitting at home while you out here philandering

    Da baby’s BM is soooo gorgeous- strangely kinda looks like him- but sadly I think she’ll never leave that man

  2. I can imagine Kroy is in financial trouble! Kim and her girls spend money like she’s married to Jeff Bezos!!!! This day was bound to happen!

    1. Yea poor Kroy…Kim & her girls look like triplets from all the surgeries they have had to their faces! I knew they would drain him dry smh

    1. The version of a song that was played in the fenty fashion show was like a recreation of the hadith I think. And it’s disrespectful especially for the environment it was played in.

  3. This sugar was so good. I’ve been wondering about Ari and moneybag and was wondering was he still smashing his bm juicy. People think she delusional but she wouldn’t do the things she do if they weren’t still smashing. Who is the laci Jackson girl.. did she give them HIV? do laci have HIV?
    Why does Rhi have to apologize for?
    I watched an episode last night of Kim and her crew going on a road trip and they blow so much money on BS that’s probably why they came back with their reality show Don’t be tardy fir the party.. bc they are going broke poor Kroy.

  4. People have been saying for the longest that Kroy is racist. I don’t feel sorry for them.

    Listen if I was Cardi I would be living my best life… I wish she wasn’t down with all of that. But it’s clear.

  5. If that NFL player really does have it, knows it, and not telling the women he is with, homie and his friends could face charges.

    That Ammika girl just needs to move on with her life and raise her baby. Chris just be doing him lol.

    Well Kroy and Kim should have thought about finances before they decided to have a whole basketball team of kids lol.

    Rihanna may not have been in charge of the music choices for the fashion show, but this is the cost of being the boss. Anything Fenty related falls on her shoulders because they are her companies. So hey, she gotta take that heat for that song that offended the Muslim community 🤷.

  6. im sure Hassan familly told him some thing like ” you see this girl ( rihanna ) not was a girl for you “

  7. Meg and Beyoncé gotta be bumping…

    Moneybag bm knows what it is with that relationship. He funny as hell for trying cardi though.

    Rihanna knew wtf she was doing😂 she said bihhh I ring bells.

  8. For some reason I think Rihanna knew. I mean, her whole boyfriend was Muslim. I don’t believe in coincidences.

    1. Right. And you know the women have to cover up. She’s sending shots like imma be sexy in lingerie f your religion. That’s what I got out of it.

  9. did rihanna do this so hassan would call her? lol
    Ari and money one of the worst couples, Im sorry lol… liiiike Im cringing! I was rooting for Ari 🙁 but the girl needs some serious healing.

    1. I saw the story dropped the other day but allegedly it was Tanya and Porsha…and maybe one of the new cast members.

  10. I wanna believe rih didn’t do this on purpose but you can never know. Hassan probably called her pissed cause it makes him look bad to have dated someone who would disrespect his culture like that. I hope she had finally moved on because if not she just deaded any chance of reconciliation.

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