October 3, 2022

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27 thoughts on “Heaven Hollywood Spilling Sugar On Everybody 7-27-20

  1. This is to much tea for me. Lets be real beyonce is getting older. She in her 40s and still think that she 25. People are getting tired of her. Her music has not been good. It’s time for her to set her ass down. Amber ross should have never left her husband. No he done want her anymore. I still trying to see what the industry trying to do with sweetie.

    1. U hit all the nails on the head. Bey back to how she was when she was with the group, in everyone’s shadow bc she isn’t on top anymore. And Amber was proud to be a hoe and now she wants Wiz who is keeping out the lime light to want her back, 🤢. Draya was not thinking bout her future when she responded to Meg. I also don’t understand why it’s a shame to have Covid-19

  2. Meg & Meek….ooo Barbz gonna eat her ALIVE I Can see it now……

    Wiz…Amber BEEN had bodies sir, all those times she was smashing rappers and you would pop back in giving her attention and getting her to fall in love again just to turn around and dip. And I’m sure he been smashing IG Models, men kill me with the hypocrisy.

    Can Tom Hanks like kick the bucket please? F*** him and the rest of the pedos. Perish!

    1. I agree with everything u said and idk wat ppl see in Meek he’s just not cute or attractive at all in no way to me but that’s my opinion be doing all that hollering on them dam songs 🤦🏽‍♀️ Boy hush

  3. Lol at Wiz saying Amber has too many bodies now 🙄 so you were okay with her body count ( which I’m sure was already a big number) when you put a baby in her but all of sudden she has too many now??!! Gtfo! Men really ain’t shit!

    Eek Meek and Meg 😬 Milano sure wasted her time on that clown!

    Megan Fox girrll…don’t! Giselle need to find something else to do, I’m not sure if she’ll ever make the numbers that she use to

  4. These industry guys will rack up all the bodies they can just to look at the girls funny for doing the same lmao. Bey fucked up confirming to her fans that Jay was a series cheater. After that you continue to have him all over your albums and joint projects thinking people give a fuck still and they don’t you and your nigga are fake and y’all been living a lie like the smiths lol. Beyonce needs to cut him out of her musical life or settle with whoever they decide to replace her with because she will fuck up her legacy fucking with Jay. He’s done rap wise

    1. Giselle was arrogant to think her fans would support her shoving down their throats her staying w/a cheater while performing women run the world & independent women. Especially in a “me too” environment where women are speaking out about being mistreated by men

      If the Jada/Will/August situation hasn’t taught Giselle anything about staying in a marriage that’s been over for years just to stay a brand & putting out mediocrity in the process then nothing will

      She could’ve cut ties when the elevator video was released or when Lemonade was released

      Now it’s @ the point where she’ll be phased out since the music hasn’t been selling for awhile & by the time she realizes her mistakes, a new Giselle will dominate the music industry

    2. 😂😂😂😂😂yes to the Giselle read. Jay legacy been done and he’s helping her sabotage hers. Them joint projects or overwhelming as shit.

  5. Giselle’s problem is she’s trying to stay relevant when she shoulda retired on top.

    You can’t thrive off of “leave his ass“ anthems For the better part of your career, paint the picture of love with your ugly serial cheater husband and expect fans to still ride out.

  6. I thought Giselle said she didn’t care about sales or where her songs were @ on the charts? Just like Jay said F*** the NFL, told other artists to boycott the NFL only for him to sneak in a concert promoter NFL deal for himself. Two peas in a pod I tell you. It was obvious when Giselle kept hopping on an already successful songs by other artists for a #1 but is in denial her music has been awful for a long time

    Also Giselle making her brand being a couple w/Jay really ran its course once the elevator incident happened & Lemonade would’ve been the perfect announcement for a divorce

    Giselle’s issues are the music hasn’t been good in awhile. Ppl see through the stunts, these over the top performances & surprise visual albums as a distraction & overcompensating for the lack of good music & are over it. & timing these releases for a guaranteed award which hasn’t meant anything for awhile per what Kanye said a few years ago about this industry. Also, she’s been overexposed for awhile.

    There hasn’t been any time in-between projects that Giselle simply disappears for a few years & allow ppl to miss her or anticipate anything. She’s either trying to capitalize on the latest movement, newest artist & trend for clout, coordinating her releases around the same time as Rihanna even down to her beauty & fashion drops now, is robotic & does no in-person/audio interviews anymore so everyone thinks she’s contrived & fake. That can’t work in a social media environment where fans want to hear from & interact w/their fave celebs. The Gift wasn’t a Jay collab album & did 11,000 in pure sales the 1st week the same week the Lion King came out where there was plenty of buzz & opportunity to perform much better than it did. That’s not a Jay problem it’s a Giselle problem.

    I really wonder now what the real streaming numbers were for Lemonade since clearly the numbers were overinflated @ Tidal that bc of all their investigations have to report real numbers or none @ all. I hope Giselle isn’t planning a music release this week considering the numbers Taylor is getting & whenever this Kanye album is dropping

    Rihanna & Taylor fans are on a different level when it comes to supporting their ventures. The hive isn’t like that. They can go hard in the paint on SM, but the true sales of Giselle’s music & any outside ventures all tell the story. There’s hype & it trends the 1st few days-week then everyone moves on. Why she refuses to go back to the formula that was successful her 1st couple of albums is simply due to ego & jealousy of what the other successful women in the industry are doing & her desperation to stay on top that the creative process & finished project is unoriginal, uninspired & forgettable

    Ugh this Megan thing will be over before it begins. She’s going to be known more for all these negative headlines than her contributions as an artist which will not bode well for her.

    What if Kylie or Tory test positive for COVID-19? They’ll clearly trace it back to Meg. Why would she risk putting other lives in danger by not revealing she has COVID-19 when she’s the one who refused to social distance & was trying to turn up on Social Media all this time? Doja Cat even revealed she has COVID-19 after her roller coaster past few months. What’s Megan’s excuse? Embarrassment for continuing to ignore advice? She takes no accountability for her actions & is always in some mess.

    Her choices in men have been terrible & are presenting an image they’re simply there to smash & dash

    1st problem was attempting to recreate what happened to Rihanna w/Chris Brown in regards to the Tory/Megan drama however they are not @ the same level of success or have that kind of fan base. Where is the spin on this shooting incident? Why isn’t there any cooperation w/authorities? Where’s the missing footage that tells the entire story? Why two different hospital reports?

    Now it’s the inevitable let’s copy men another famous female rapper was w/for attention. Will Nas be next? Will Safaree be involved for a check? Why isn’t all this energy put into making sure Megan has a sustainable career? Nicki’s fans will eat Megan alive if this Meek Mill thing is their grand plan

    I think it’s been obvious for awhile that Jay is not the brains of anything successful & really gives terrible advice to ppl. He’s simply a famous name yt folks slap his name on for business ventures bc it attracts the black consumer bc of who he’s married to. LA Reid & Jay Brown really deserve the credit.

    Wiz didn’t care about Amber’s bodies when he married & had a kid w/her or when he was still smashing after the divorce. So what’s the real problem?

    Chris Brown still hasn’t learned that his behavior & lack of accountability for anything will always be the root of his downfall. The audacity to think you’re even in the same playing field as Usher is the real issue. The only person Usher legitimately do a versus battle w/hit for hit is currently in jail & hell it would be more compelling to stream it from jail.

    Chris Brown & Usher-Lite Justin Timberlake are not any competition. The entire confessions album including the deluxe edition is better than Chris Brown & Justin Timberlake’s entire discography combined

    Ppl always show their age when ignorant comparisons like this

  7. J’s wife is a great performer, but in my opinion her debut album was her best album. It was truly a no-skips album. Everything after has been mediocre- a bop here and there but most of her new music is so over saturated on the radio you can’t help but get into it. I still don’t get the hype of Lemonade, and I’m not excited about this new Disney venture either. I mean, kudos for putting African culture on the map I guess.

  8. Lil Tjay reminds me of meek mills. Rubi Rose is annoying she doesn’t like DDG. He needs to clean up his image him and zooted members are becoming sloppy. This is off topic but beings though everyone one knows him and Rubi are “together” it’s making him look bad.

    Meek and Meg ‘inserts Nicki laugh’ so he still auditioning for jay spot I see. Megan is late with whatever they trying to push. She’s going to regret this. I knew something was coming once meek announced their break up. But can we get the history of meek and Milano I keep hearing that her sister use to mess with meek. I haven’t seen Milano and her sister in pics ever since they started going out.

    These babymothers gotta stop thinking they in a marriage just cuz the dude go back. He’s doing the same thing to the both of y’all. Your child is y’all’s excuse.

    Big sis on her Boss shit Rihanna that is.

    Rob is correct.

    Amber needs to stop wasting her time thinking she’s gonna her her wizzes back. He been done. I use to like him a lot lol.

  9. I wonder if Giselle got some skims and will she purchase some Fenty skin/beauty😂. I don’t think Rihanna will be sending her any. I can’t wait till the 31st.

  10. Beyonce is upset with the “Black Parade” numbers. What did she expect? I mean she did release it on Juneteenth. Some would think it is a holiday song 🤷. But aside from that the lyrics are trash. If she wanted a all around Black anthem, that we can rock 365 days, the lyrics need to better. Why do we need to hear about Jay in a Black anthem song? Instead of pushing the couple thing, she needs to refocus her brand back on herself. The only reason Jay makes her take him along is because she makes in relevant. I keep saying Beyonce need to drop that dude.

    *deep sigh* Meg just say you got Covid. But at this point she has let it go so long until now she has to eat this story. And if she gets with Meek she clearly hasn’t learned to choose better men. This girl stays in drama. Can we just find out what happened in that car. All this assuming and no hard facts.

    When I saw Tom Hanks and Rita become Greek citizens, 1st thing I thought was what is the extradition laws in Greece because the hammer is about to come down on his pedo activity.

  11. Draya bird talked her way out of a great deal. Ya big dummy.

    Meghan….smh. I just feel like Meghan has been hyped up and was given all this great PR push as the next big thing, and she blew it. Instead of using this year to learn and grow her craft and build a brand, all we’ve seen her do is twerk, drink, pour alcohol down peoples throats, twerk some more, and some more……and some more….and more. Be in a relationship with ole boy that’s now with the rappers BM/girlfriend ( because that seems to be all some of these young ladies aspire to be…the mother of a rappers baby, fashion Nova/ig model and club hostess) and make out with some other guy that she may or may not have smashed. Her hype is gonna fade just as fast as it blew up.

  12. black is king is nothing but Giselle trying to repackage the lion king flop album. Breezy don’t got nothing to be scared about. him & usher are friends and They both have a great career. He’s not the first to say no to a battle he’s just the one Timbaland keep sweating.

    1. Exactly. Chris Brown is friends with Usher and he’s an all around humble guy, he’s not doing the comparison stuff to keep egos in check. People that don’t know enough about Chris think he’s a bad guy when it is exactly the opposite.

  13. I never liked Beyonce at no point in her career. I always thought her music was trash to begin with. Group or Solo. I didn’t even know she had a new album but her fame is fading out. She needs to realize that she is corny now. It feels likes she tries so hard to emulate Diana Ross ways.

    Khloe is dumb and desperate. So I’m not really surprised at what she does with this Tristan boy. She has looked like she was desperate for love. So Rob is right on this one.

    It’s crazy because I used to think of Tom Hanks as one of my fav actors. He needs to pay for what he has done so let’s see how this all plays out

  14. Seems like Chad Hanks should be more concerned with his dad potentially going to jail. Especially for the reason that he might be going to jail.

    Chris Brown… I don’t believe that. He’s too passionate about the craft and knows who the people were that paved the way for him. He’s spoken on it plenty of times. So nah, I don’t believe that.

    And why would Megan be going through such elaborate lengths for people not to find out that she “allegedly” has covid-19? When so many others have made their dismissing diagnosis public? Make it make sense. And then who are all the people that are helping her keep up this grand scheme? It’s for sure not like she’s some huge star. And why would Tory allow himself to be scrutinized so harshly? It just doesn’t make sense to me.

    Sorry, I just don’t believe as easily as everybody else. I need more to go on.

    And fuck Wiz. He got nerve taking about her bodies. Men fuck all day everyday, but a female gotta be labeled? Yeah, okay. His lanky ass needs to have several seats.

    And Draya losing her partnership with Fenty was not cool! They didn’t even have to take it that far.

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