July 1, 2022

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16 thoughts on “Heaven Hollywood Presents Spilling Sugar On Everybody 8/14/2021 Segment 1

  1. Nikki needs to cut her losses and move on
    Natalie Nunn I knew it and her pussy husband is fine with it sad
    Amber and kanye should get back together

  2. Drake should keep Rihanna name out his mouth. You had several chances but you chose pennies over a dime. Future is disgusting but so are these women who let him fuck without a condom. All of them are nasty and might be spreading STDs, COVID, who knows.

  3. This is my opinion!!! Nicki pick pick til she pick foolishness. She should have stayed with Safaree he stayed in the background for years and supported her before she became famous plus we never heard any drama. The drama started when he wanted his time to shine and she wouldn’t let him, even if he was wack she still should have supported him !!! Meek, Quavo dis her publicly and now this one is embarrassment.

    1. Interesting you say she should still be with Safaree. I’ve been seeing his antics lately and wonder if he would be acting the way he’s been acting if he was still with Nicki..

  4. Explain the Yellowbird/Nicki thing please.

    Not surprised about Natalie… something has always seemed off..

    Am I the only one who can’t stand Lil Baby. What is he saying? He shows signs of drug abuse during his interviews. What is the appeal??

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