July 1, 2022

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14 thoughts on “Heaven Hollywood Presents The Truth Behind Nicki Minaj teaming up with Elton John

      1. @anonymous you need to take your illiterate cowardly ass somewhere else with this nonsense! You’re are a clown 🤡 you give barbs a bad name and Nicki! Nicki can’t rap forever dummy!!! Don’t you see what’s going on in the industry? I’m a huge fan but don’t you see how they won’t even let her go number one with drake and Wayne on a song? Now you stfu and go talk to you’re mother the way you’re hiding anonymous talking to everybody else! And I won’t reply to your sorry ass again so don’t waste your time!

  1. This blog man… we already knew these things. The rumor about nicki and jesy has been out for WEEKS. Nicki literally followed Elton John right after he publicly showed her love… Saying you knew but kept it to yourself does not sound professional nor does it sound trustworthy, because everyone immediately thought that there would be some sort of collaboration work-wise. I wouldn’t call 2013 interaction “History” but I digress atp. Elton John is British and to be quiet frank nobody in EUROPE gives/gave a rats ass about the so called “blackballing” of Nicki Minaj. Only y’all Americans went rogue… her songs are still in rotation in radio, get streamed & can be heard on TV.

  2. It seems like the easy fix is to leave him. She’s Nicki. She’ll find a new love and stepdad for her son. Why all this work and tricks to protect that man? Love or not he’s embarrassing. Doesn’t help her brother was in similar trouble..

  3. Why is every other post about Nicki? Y’all really collecting a bag off this woman’s name. This blog is losing credibility by the minute. Everything is “allegedly” or I already saw it on the shade room. Nicki wasn’t lying when she said she’s an obsession, sheesh

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