October 4, 2022

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18 thoughts on “Heaven Hollywood “You’ll hear About it”

  1. Nba said that them niggas just fucking her to get close to him. Jania really needs to slow down. Honestly, king von had it coming sorry to say but he spoke death like they all do.

  2. People really hype up rapper’s baby mamas… smh And these up and coming rappers are getting killed while their record companies and labels are profiting..

  3. I heard that too.. people are saying that it was jania fault but idk.. prayers up to King Von family and Asain doll

  4. So many things I wanna say about Jania. I’m old enough to be her mama so I will let her think she being great and not drag her. Need to take card her baby and sit down somewhere.

  5. The beef with YB & Von started back in the summer. When YB started promoting his album, a lot of rappers started tweeting & subtweeting about him. Von said YB was trash. That’s where the beef started. This was I’d say in august. Also in August Von & Durk dropped a song called All These Niggas where Von threw shots at YB. Von was live in September listening to YB album and said “y’all got cap in y’all raps” then started laughing. Fast forward a couple weeks later it does comes out that Von was smashing YB bm Jania. Now I’ve been a YB fan 2015. Yes he has always had a lot of women, but he never loved them how he loved Jania. And he does harass men that she dates when he finds out. Anybody that has beef with YB pretty much has beef with Rondo. Rondo is singed to YB and is very loyal to him so he inserted himself into the beef. Von is Von so of course the beef continued and got serious . Both sides has very dangerous people with them. It wasn’t necessarily about Jania, it definitely made the situation worse but it’s all about YB and his camp feeling tried.

    1. So he threw shade at Yb cuz he was messing with jania? Or he wanted clout too? Cuz everyone knows him from lil durk, but he started popping more when him and jania was seen together, all this over a 4 month beef is beyond me. Niggas use to beef with meaning. Idk wtf I know🤷🏾‍♀️ He said he told her you keep fucking, you need to be getting a bag. She just so friendly. It’s sad on all angles. And Asian shouldn’t have done a song with Yb idc she should have just kept it cute.

  6. I HONESTLY don’t believe it was over Nini. That girl just wanna get her coins and take care of her baby. I like Youngboy as an artist but he need to let that girl live

    1. I saw on IG a page posted that she sacrificed him but i thought Durk sacrificed him so idk but i think they both could’ve been a part of it.

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