October 6, 2022

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49 thoughts on “The Truth Behind The Beef Between Allure and Destiny’s Child part 2

  1. Woooow!!! Matthew is super petty for that. That comment on him asking folks if his daughter was fuckable tho.. smh

  2. Wow so its true, like father like daughter with a mix of witchness! Smh good thing they didnt make it , God spared them from the rituals

    1. But Allure was on The Spill The Sugar page laughing. They need to thank God they didn’t have to do what DC had to do to get where they are. You are right. Imagine them doing rituals and all that other stuff. They wouldn’t be able to handle it.

      1. So did Michelle Williams go through any rituals and if so that may explain why she seems so messed up emotionally and mentally!

  3. Remember when Matthew was in Carmen a Hip Hopera gawking at Beyonce as the bartender ? Yep incest alrite. Tina is a witch I’m sure she sabotaged Allueres chances with candle magick.

    1. Damn.. I remember Allure. Thats crazy

      Matthe Knowles is disgusting. Both the father and mother give me the creeps

  4. My fav entertainers arent ppl I want to fuck. That logic was made up by the sick entities in the music industry.

  5. Now it seem like bey gives Matthew the cold shoulder and is more close to her mother than him. Karma will get ya! All that shady business and she turned on ya in the end lowkey

    1. They Kardashianed his ass, used him up and threw him to the side. Can’t tell me the High Priestess Tina ain’t put some roots on him as a thank you next for the years of cheating and drugs and her having to support them.

  6. Anyone else wonder if that recent pic of Solanges altar and all the candles had anything to do with protecting them from all the shit that could come out about Jay and their dad? Think about it, people stay with cheating husbands all the time but the backlash from a me too against Jay would completely damage them if she stayed through that too and can’t nobody tell me he didn’t pull some shit also. I also heard enough stories about Matthew, shocked we haven’t heard worse yet.

  7. Hmph I knew it was Nas cause I remember he did the song and now it makes sense why Mariah was in the video and did background vocals on that song. Which is my jam , I’m not surprised by the least how this all transpired. He’s known for doing stunts like that. Smh

  8. The rise and fall of Matthew Knowles…I wonder if he will ever do a tell-all and admit how far he went to push DC and his daughter…and why didn’t he work as hard with Solange…

    1. What’s crazy is that in some of his interviews that he’s done, I swear it seems like he’s holding back! Like there’s so much more that he wants to say but can’t\won’t.

      1. Yeah even in his new book saying that he thought Tina was white which she probably did act it back then and how fare skin get not recognized in the Industry. But dark skin. It so much

  9. If I was them once people were “done” with us, the track would’ve been leaked “oops”. It would be easier to diss them these days with social media. Poe Allure.

  10. I always wondered why they dressed the way they did. It didn’t really fit there age to me. Most of the newer artist coming in where dressing newer and they had these outfit that were so mature it didn’t fit the baby face they had.

  11. Did y’all see where the group on The Spill The Sugar page where I said, “They had beef?😨” And their group page said, “Nope.”? Apparently, either they think it wasn’t beef or to them they think it’s funny. Anytime you got another group especially a female group under the same label, there is bound to be some catiness or some words exchange, that is called beef. Hollywood is cutthroat business. It’s damn if you do or damn it if you don’t. Allure may not want to admit it but they had beef with their group against DC, but they know the shit wasn’t right. They should be thankful they are not nowhere near the bullshit that DC had did to other groups and go thru what they been thru.

  12. It went over my head at first that the allure women were Mariah Carey’s artist. I was sooo young at the time I didn’t know that but Mathew is disgusting talking about whose more fuckable that sounds like jay z in disguise ugh awful.

    1. Well Beyonce did say she wanted her husband to be like her daddy. Life and death in the power of the tongue ✝️

    1. I’m pretty sure that’s something that you can look up. Looks like you asked it already and no one’s answered it. So she may not come through an answer but I’m sure you can search for it.

    2. Probably the same age around 15/16 but allure looks a lil older but they all probably in their thirties now from looking at new pics of them I just ain’t hear about them until now I was 4 when they were out

    3. I wanna say Allure was in their early to mid 20s when they were out. And DC was mid to late teens. Allure was last of the Mohigans when it came to soulful R & B girl groups of the 90. Heck, or just plain R&B.

  13. Smh at Matthew. Isn’t it also true that when letoya went solo he tried to sabotage her career too? By telling radio stations not to play her music.

  14. Matthew is disgusting…What goes around will come around… Gisselle will get hers eventually. I am sure she was in on it along with her daddy

  15. A farther referring to his daughter as ” fuckable” in any form or fashion is just wrong. Yonce learned from her father well. she been copying ever since

  16. I used to love Allure. I knew it was Nas too.
    I always thought they disappeared because Crave golfed once Mariah left Tommy.

  17. Wow. I forgot all about Allure I loved Head Over Heels and All Cried Out. Who knew they had beef with Destiny’s Child?? And Matthew ain’t never been about shit smh.

  18. I remember Wendy played the Allure diss track on her radio show once. On Head Over Heels Remix Nasir said “them burned out stunts” which was an early shot at Jigga for smashing Carmen? Moesha and Meagan were cool back then and Allure was Meagan sister’s group? — so they took sides and Giselle hated them for it.

    Moesha wanted to be friendlier with Kelly (hmmm?) and Giselle would give her the evil eye all the time like dont try it btch. Moesha admitted this to KR on her pregnancy show way back when she had her 1st kid.

    IDK but what was the deal with all them girl groups all swapping members with each other and if would have been in the right combinations from the start they all would have lasted longer?

  19. So G, my question is this: Was Matthew tricking Beyonce before she got with J? Like what happened for her to be so open to be with other men to close the deal. That was stated in upgrade u.

  20. He is still extremely shady with events here in Houston. Yelling and screaming is what he’s known for, BUT “shade” is in his blood. I know first hand…

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