May 22, 2022

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45 thoughts on “The Story Behind Chris Stokes B2K & Immature – Part 3

      1. Did anyone catch what they were saying about the girl from 702? That. Wasn’t clear to me

  1. This really makes me look at the industry in a totalto different light like what do they get out of molesting these young kids and the parents aint shit neither! Nd then isnti Raz-B and Chris Stokes cousin like you molesting your own family

  2. Being the B2K fanatic that I was back then and when those videos were all over WorldStar Raz had RayJ on the phone as well as Quindon confessing and Chris DEFINITELY said he doesn’t do that anymore! And when he called out Boog with some female on the phone she was basically admitting it too when she said, “He can’t handle it!” Man that shit is sick and Raz for sure stated MH and Chris were lovers and they describe the room smh so sick and I believe Diddy being involved with his sick ass that’s why Fif always fkn with him because he know! I wouldn’t want to involve myself with ANY celeb because none of them are exempt!

    Think back to how Immature use to wear their hair like little girls and grown women styles. It’s a reason behind it those boys were young as fuck SMH and Bow let’s not forget about JD and what he did to KrissKross 💁 all sick with their Promance relationships ugh thanks G this is @reallyaja from IG with my nagging ass I been waiting and you Delivered ❤️

      1. chileee fuckin shit turns my stomach i know bow wow was molested by his driver i think

  3. Notice Omarion never says “ no it’s not true” just kept bringing up its about money. And Rosenberg and the other guy interviewing Marques are dumb as fuck

  4. It’s interesting to me how O said it’s all a joke….. pedophilia is no laughing matter, mental illness is no laughing matter, and drug abuse is no laughing matter.

    With that being said, O approaching the matter with such anger says a lot….well to me. It definitely proves something went on and they want Raz to shut up 🤐.

    If Raz had a real illness and there was no truth to sickness he exposed, then they should have been more concerned and less defensive.

    1. Exactly, Just a hunch but I think they blackballed Omarion after he failed to shut Raz-B up about those molestation allegations cause his career disappeared after those rumors.

  5. I think theres suppose to be a revival of Sister Sister. I will not watch if they bring Marques back cause I believe everything about this mess since they brought it up years ago.

  6. I remember seeing that video where he was talking to Chris and Chris said he don’t do that shit anymore … and Ray J told him he was opening up Pandora’s box! I think Raz is mad that he endured all that stuff and got played. Crazy but you could definitely tell he was telling the truth.

    1. 100%!! Raz couldn’t have been more truthful, and all parties involved couldn’t be more guilty and ashamed. That man told the truth! There’s tons of believers clinging to their children and thinking twice before allowing their children to be destroyed by the industry. God bless you Raz! God bless you G! This blog is everything. Thanks for risking it all to save others!

  7. I found the video G, The video of Chris Stokes confessing is on Google Quindon is the 3rd down..

      1. I went to the page that had the Chris confession video and WOW. Nothing but facts!!!!! Raz was ahead of his time and the industry made him look like a mental patient.

  8. Have y’all noticed that many of these young guys who are molested either become very aggressive towards woman (like G said) or become molesters themselves? Marques Houston messed with B2K, Usher “brought” Bieber into the industry – hmmmm. It really bothers me when I see a talented child or teen posted on IG and people start tagging managers and record labels. I know most of the people are trying to help them with their career but I feel like it’s sending an innocent lamb into the wolves den of debauchery.

    1. Hm, makes you wonder about how Bieber was becoming disruptive with his behavior, now he’s turned to the church. But I can’t picture Usher touching a white boy, probably someone else.

  9. Well Omarion basically saying shit up and get over it. Wow!!! What is this about Chris Brown??? Maybe why he is all messed up.

  10. Wow…this story made me sick to my stomach! There is so much sick fucks in the music industry. Disgusting!

  11. Horrible…smh…I think Raz had an accident in China a few years back… I really don’t know who is who, just O & M. Houston

  12. I’m floored that Jerome “Romeo” Jones brothers and sister would allow it being that he was supposed to be from the hood. welp i believe what’s done in the dark will come to light cause he don’t have no artist but them. no wonder Jhené was talking about eating the booty like groceries they probably turned her out.

  13. If it happened to Immature and IMX ofcourse it happened to B2K! Child molesters don’t change just because he has new faces. He uses the same tactics of mind control and manipulation on those boys just like he did with the earlier groups. Luckily the parents stepped in with IMX and got their kids the hell away from this monster

  14. this is just….. SO DISTURBING and heartbreaking being that I was one of their BIGGEST FANS when they were hot. I mean from TOP to BOTTOM, SIDE to SIDEEEEE my room was covered with their posters. my mom was SERIOUS about our education and she (FIRST AND LAST TIME EVER) let us skip school to meet them in person before their concert that we also attended!
    THEN TO KNOW ALL THIS and truly believe RAZ B 10000000%…. I’m so….. DISTURBED omg.

  15. So, I just went to Chris Stokes instagram to be nosey… I’m shocked and disturbed by the number of people willing to work with his azz knowing what he’s known for. Alot of them are parents! (Tami Roman, Draya, Loretta Divine…) I swear folks will overlook anything for a dollar! Smh… and I’m sure ALL of them have been told about his antics…

    1. I said the same thing it’s crazy how this shit is just pushed under the rug in this Industry

  16. So Chris is in on the gay rituals too ? Wow 😮 I went to lurk on their ig pages and I can’t believe they’re still like family they said. Romeo fine ass too smh. He hashtags death before dishonor a couple of times too. That tells me a lot they would rather die before they ever talk about it. And Marques Houston and Chris are all into their jehovah witness religion now. Smh 🤦🏽‍♀️ dis industry is scary.

    1. Yuck man… this dude is probably a master at manipulating people. Best believe he screwed their heads up if they’re calling each other “family”.

  17. I definitely believe him. Omarion was weird in his interview and Marques too. There’s bo way that someone accuses you of being a pedophile and predator and you don’t respond to that at all. Fishy fishy

  18. I remember reading about it in vibe magazine and some other person they interviewed, that blk kid that sang in Romeo and Juliet I believe accused stokes and I believed that shit then. Smh sick

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