October 6, 2022

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21 thoughts on “The Real Truth Behind The Split of Pilar Sanders and Deion Sanders

  1. Thanks G, I always wonder about them. This was a mess. I remember when Wendy talk about them a lot on her show. Now look at her marriage.

  2. I remember when he use to act like she was the best woman on the planet when they had that show then I remember when it went bad. G I wanted to curl up with a blanket and read and read

  3. I always thought Pilar was one of the most beautiful women, mother of five ( if I remember right) but something changed with her.

    On another note @ncaseudidntknow can you PLEASE do a story on Dwight Howard and what happened to him. From the kids to the alleged trans boyfriends he had.

  4. Yes G this a good one. I followed his reality show during that time all the kids he have with Pillar was living with him but I was wondering what happened because the daughter and their oldest boy seem to have went back with Pillar. It seem like Deion relationship with those two children had changed.

  5. Isn’t she part of a cult. I remember Deion saying that on his show. How when the kids went to visit her ,they would come back acting like totally different kids. Like she was brainwashing them while she had them, calling them by different names. It was sad to see.

    1. I remember this too!! And remember seeing it on his reality show. It was really sad. Is Pilar still apart of this cult? She’s been quiet lately.

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