September 26, 2022

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31 thoughts on “The Real Truth About The Deion Sanders and PIlar Sanders Break up Part2

  1. Traci been with him for a minute. But bump this.

    What’s up with Melissa going back on Hollywood Unlocked? I found that kind of odd. And what happened with Apryl?

  2. This was good g I’m younger so I love gettin the sugar on the older people in the industry. Thank you so much.

  3. I would like to get some tea on the inner workings of the porn industry. Do they have to sacrifice people and do all the stuff that Hollywood celebrities do?

  4. Thanks for this backstory G. I never really paid attention to Deion or Pilar (like Floyd Mayweather Jr, his arrogance always just made me ignore him), but I love learning backstories and history. Sounds like both Deion and Pilar got some dirt under their rugs…

    1. Right i was never into him/them like that either but i think I did Watch their show a few times. Still appreciate this tea on them tho!

  5. Wow! I always felt kind of bad for Pillar. Beautiful woman but never seemed to have a lot of common sense or be too bright. Deion has always seemed to be an arrogant jerk. Oh well, I hope she finds peace.

  6. Shiddddddd….Did Deion got that house built yet? The last I saw Pilar was on her live two years ago. She and Shelomi was together. But Pilar was with Birdman at one point and he helped her out. I believe his oldest son fell out with Deion about Pilar.

  7. The relationship and demise
    of Lauren London and Lil Wayne. The backstory on Master P and Sonya C relationship.

    1. Yes I need to know about Lauren and Wayne too and master p and Soulja slim because I thought he was rocking with cash money but some people saying he was with no limit and learning about the industry I wonder was he a sacrifice cuz he got killed in front of his moms house if I’m not mistaken.

  8. What’s going down With Remy Ma ? Is she going to jail and is Brad’s Pitt with Jen now ? Because Angie wants him back

  9. All that hoeing and where has it got her? No where. You think this many years in the game she would go back to the drawing board and readjust.

    1. How is she a hoe ? She was engaged and she dated a few people. That doesn’t make her a hoe.

  10. This was beyond mindblowing especially with Neon Deion trying to project that his love for Christ was his end all be all!

  11. I remember when they split, it was super messy. I think right after she attacked him, that’s when the kids turned on her and she lost them. Does she have contact with them? If I’m not mistaken I think the son even said that she attacked him in front of them.

    Also, I would really like to know what the deal is with Marsai Martin? She has been doing some huge things in production. It’s a good thing, but I continue to see her with some people that lead me to believe that she isn’t getting those production deals just because she talented. Not saying she isn’t, but I’ve noticed that even the way she is dressing is getting a bit more high fashion and sexier. Plus Oprah endorsed her.

  12. I used to love her (Pilar) on their reality show/ age seemed so down to earth…Deion just seemed low down..thanks G!!

  13. These are the types of stories I love. Thanks for posting. Why would Tracey be with Deion if he had no money?

  14. I definitely just saw a picture of J Prince on her sons page, he called him “family”.You are the Goat, G.

  15. Hi G! I want to know about Tasha Cobbs. I know we’ve discussed gospel artists in the past but on her Unsung her father died the same night of her Grammy – I want to believe this is a coincidence but later she did work with Nicki Minaj. 🤷🏾‍♀️

  16. I’m from a really small town outside of Houston and I remember years ago there was a rumor about a girl I grew up with being one of Deion’s side pieces (when he was married to Pilar). We are both 38 so she was pretty young when the rumors started. Always wondered if that was true.


  18. Good question I am going to start a segment call Hot sugar and it will deal with all the team from the adult entertainment industry

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