October 4, 2022

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21 thoughts on “The Story Behind Chris Stokes B2K & Immature – Part 1

    1. EVERY TIME Gina post something, it’s some random new found workers adding and subtracting 😐 Do tell or 🤐 it!

      1. Right like let G be great. Raz B has multiple YouTube videos with secret phone conversations confirming molestations. He’s not pulling this out of thin air.

    2. But how can you say he’s lying when all u have to go by that is a connection with the molester? U think his cousin is goin to ageee that he’s a pedophile? Make it make sense! Raz B is telling the truth!!

    3. Where’s your statement of truth ? Cause raz has multiple vids showing us he has truth in his stories. Another member of the group co-signed as well.

  1. I feel bad that all of these young pple were hurt…. as soon as i open up the blog and saw the kids in the bed… 😔
    Thanks for the info Gina. Noe, I’m going to read the blog….

  2. When nagging pays off!! Let’s do this, girlllll haha *Bilal voice off House Party* Gina babyyyyy 🐸☕ run my cup over with these lumps suga😎

  3. Come on raz b is telling the truth. He said Chris is his cousin in a few videos though. There’s also a video where one other b2k guy is next to him agreeing so it’s obvious to me that there’s truth in the allegations.

  4. I ain’t even read this yet I’m just getting off work but I thought Omarion and Marques Houston were brothers before I found out he had a twin brother

      1. No omari has a brother named O’Ryan. He had a song or two back in the day.

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