October 3, 2022

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44 thoughts on “Heaven Hollywood Running Off At The Mouth

  1. So basically the reason why all the celebs have their tiny, nasty dating pool is because they all have at least one STI. Previously, I thought money was the commonality.

    To a regular person, any STI would be a dealbreaker for any sort of relationship. So, they keep amongst the same circles, passing and exchanging various fluids and such.

    Future has a sex demon that I believe they make you accept at the contract signing. Women get the sex demon too, and a lot of them go both ways. Lori is like Apryl—-beautiful on the outside but severely damaged on the inside. Poor thangs.

  2. What is wrong with future. Why are these women still sleeping with him and having babies. Lori is a beautiful girl why she keep dating these nasty men. Faith and lil Kim and Bigge in the bed together. I dont believe this one because lil Kim hates Faith.

  3. Damn they’re all filth. Lmao @ JLo and Shakira. JLo can’t stand that she can be shown up by someone who has actual musical talent. She has enough charisma to create hype, but she can’t sing or act.

  4. I can believe the one about Faith, Lil Kim, and Biggie because it was told to me years ago [no lie]. They were young and wild back then and that was probably before Faith found out Biggie was cheating with Lil Kim, so obviously after that shit hit the fan Kim and Faith would probably end up hating each other. This Laurie Harvey chick is laying it low and spreading it wide all over Black Hollywood, sheesh!!!!

  5. Well there you have it. Is anyone surprised about this Future update. I think we BEEN knowing he had to have SOMETHING. Not surprised about that other part of his update either. Future needs help.

    Lori… No words at this point.

    Steve you giving all this advice to others, but can’t help your own. That is usually how it goes though.

    I knew Shakira and JLO weren’t going to make it.

    Oh well Diddy, when you make deals with the devil there is always a price.

  6. Woah?!?! This tea was 🔥🔥🔥. Future is just 🤢🤮😷🤯😱.

    No words for Lori, she is a pass around woman with no morals. Gross!!!

    Steve Harvey should not be talking since he is no better either.

  7. I just had a convo about martin. My cousin said that aint the Martin i know smh.

    Damn future is wild. Them people in the comments said he had more bms. By the way his body language was you can tell he don’t like diddy.

    Poor lori can’t stand a chance need to be doing something productive.

    1. The future sugar isn’t surprising the way he raw dogging anything with a pulse. Lori is dumb as hell.

      On a few lives Heaven has been saying that when they chipped or possibled cloned they always come back fat. Martin looks fat in the new bad boys movie but I assumed it was weight gain because of age, but with his coinage he could’ve slimmed down for the role. I wonder if he was forced or choose to do it?

      I figured beyonce was gonna perform the superbowl because she did a song with shakira. Also since jay z had so much backlash from the black community when he teamed up with the NFL he can use bey to make him look better.

  8. Who is surprised by the Future tea? He is out there giving women babies and all
    What is the beef between JLO and Shakira? Is JLO mad that she has to share a stage with a talented artist? Is this a ritual that JLo is having because she is being snubbed of something for the last few days now
    I don’t understand the Martin tea.. He was acting quite funny and not himself. i just figured he was over the Hollywood scene

  9. Eww Future. HPV is just going to be one of the transmitted initials that he is infected with before too long at this rate (if he hasn’t gotten that house in Virginia already)

    Clawdhavmuhcy…you gotta give a bish some warning before that Biggie, Faith and Kim tea!!! I just choked on my damn coffee!!!

  10. **Future/Lori , Lori/Teyana/Iman : Ooooooooh Weeeeeee !! 😳 Just straight nasty .. Just nasty I tell ya !! Diseasy!
    **Biggie..Faith..Kim : What mutha f..king bed frame held these niggas up?

  11. GODDDDDAAMNNNNNNNNNNN!!!! This shit is piping hotttt!!!!! 😩😩😭😭😭 this issss tooo much ewwwkkkkk Future been ran through community dick at its finest !!!!

  12. If B performs at the SuperBowl she might as well kiss that Ivypark collection $$ bye. Black twitter/social media will go crazy lol but then again her fans are dummies. Lori is a man in a woman’s body🤣. She will chew you up & spit you out Future better tread lightly.

  13. Future is so disgusting and any woman that has sex w/ him or any man that sleeps with someone he slept w/ needs serious counseling and to be tested immediately.

  14. G been told us about Lori and Teyana back when Lori was engaged to that soccer player haha she the goat!

    Lil Kim and Faith Evans in a threesome with biggie…whole thing is mad weird to think about.

    Future probably just jealous of Diddy status. Hilarious how one dog doesn’t like another dog lol

  15. Doesn’t surprise me that Future has those STIs. Sis has been screwing anything and getting half of them pregnant.

    Lori fooling with him says alot about her. Something tells me Marjorie instilled hoeness in her daughter and may even be a big influence in how Lori picks them. 🤷🏾‍♀️

    I cant see Faith and Lil Kim doing a threesome considering the animosity they had toward each other.

    Lmaooo about the JLo and Shakira tea. I can see Jay using that opportunity to shove Giselle down our throats

    Martin seems extremely off. He’s to mellow now. It’s like the lights are on but no one’s home. We list the crazy, vibrant Martin smh

  16. I can’t believe y’all didn’t already know Lori was Teyanna’s slide …… They fuck without Iman sometimes too….. Yes y’all think Future created 10 kids without getting Herp or HPV – That’s obvious …..
    Something tells me Steve don’t really give AF about Lori…. That’s not even his bio child and her weird ass mother obviously approves of her dating anyone with a lil money…..

  17. Could this be the reason Lil Kim hates Faith because the 3somes turn into him marrying Faith even though he was known in the industry for dating Lil Kim

  18. Heav I was curious about Martin because that damn sure ain’t him and I was wondering what kind of orders other celebrities get with dealing with them. Will Smith put a clip of them now and them from the first movie in an interview and its so obvious this ain’t t the same dude.

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