August 15, 2022

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14 thoughts on “Heaven Hollywood Dark Side Of The Industry Blood Sacrifices

  1. I’m interested.

    Can you also discuss Rihanna’s and Beyonce’s Sony/ATV deals and the fact Rihanna is starting to not be able to sleep?

  2. Okay why am I up at 4 in the morning watching this?! My mouth is hanging open. And I’ve only watched the first video. I’m going back in to watch the others but I have questions. How is Dame Dash going to sacrifice Aaliyah and gain nothing? But then at the same time his so-called wife at the time “decided” she didn’t want to be a blood sacrifice so she divorced him? 🤔🤔 It’s THAT easy? I’m not following. How are you able to sacrifice a woman that’s not your wife but then your actual wife gets to “make a choice” not to be a sacrifice and divorces you and it’s just that simple. Nothing about any of this seems simple so I’m really questioning that explanation.

    And second, if it was parked clone that was killed in Vegas, where the fuck is Pac?! Because I would love it if he was still alive for real.

    1. Rite and ppl been saying that he’s not dead and that he faked his death for years so where is MY MAN??? Where is THE LOVE OF MY LIFE??? 😩🥴😂

  3. I remember hearing about that deal that was supposed to go down behind the elites back on another truth channel! Maybe it was the savage robot page all along and I just didn’t know it. Smh f*** Dame, F**** Jay, just F*** everybody smh.

  4. 🤔 Ok so….what’s going to happen to Mary since she spoke on it? Or is the whole situation with that raggedy assed ex husband of hers the payback for running her mouth? Mannn…. the industry is wild AF

    1. Rite i would think something would’ve been happened to Mary cause she been saying this stuff about Aaliyah

    1. what do you mean? can you see the post? If you can see the post you should be able to see the vid what is your email let me check

  5. This was deep. I can’t believe J. Prince ass. We all knew when pimp c died that whole situation was suspicious. I thought it was a set up or cover up but never in a million years did i think it was J prince. Back then I had no idea about blood sacrifices and the elites but it all makes sense now.

    Dame dash is a pussy. That’s why his ass is broke now. I loved Aaliyah. I was a fan and now that I have been on the blog and all these stories you tell about her surprises me because I always that she was sweet and innocent. Now I know the truth

    Everyone always thought suge Knight had something to do with Tupac being murdered. That one for me is hard to digest. I still kinda don’t think he had anything to do with it but we all know suge is money hungry and will do anything for game. I’m hurt😢

  6. I’m currently watching Hip Hop Evolution on Netflix. This article is the perfect reading companion. A little truth is seeping out but add that to the knowledge you offer, and one can see the big picture. The devil was in charge of music in Heaven before he was kicked out. Woe to the Earth because he has come down to us. Of course he will do what he does down here. The entire music industry is evil. But we are musical beings so we keep getting caught up.

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