October 4, 2022

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37 thoughts on “Heaven Hollywood Raw Part 2

  1. Mhmm Karen Civil 👀 I do not trust that bitch not after Macs death and certainly not after Nip’s death! There’s a pic of her sitting court side between YG and Nip and it was so suspect how close Nip was next to her, just seemed too close to me👀 there’s also a video/pic of Lauren giving her the eye at one of Nip’s events – you could tell there was tension there because LL didn’t make a move to greet her

    I’m so confused about that Chilli and Toni tea😩

    1. Back then Toni and Chilli were labelmates, LaFace Records. Both TLC and Toni was making hits. But do to both of their contracts and bankruptcies, what else to do to get that kind of money? I don’t why LA got it in bald ass head thinking that he smash Chilli, I don’t know about Toni, he was the shit! Also, G did a long series about Toni and Babyface.

  2. What in the hell Cassie was thinking? Chick you didn’t married that fool, so why are you going to court over some money that was never yours? Girl, you should have stacked some of that money for the time you was with him.

  3. That damn Karen she definitely is like an angel of death or something, always near someone when they kick the bucket. Bout to make her the female bougie man in a minute!

    No wonder Rih was wearing that shirt. I thought this was about to say Rih did something with kids herself and I was gonna be disgusted, but her and Robert is just weird Hollywood shit. Them industry folk don’t care about what the next person has done if they want it they gonna try to get it. Plus considering how Rih came into the game underage and all, I’m not surprised she didn’t think twice about kickin it with kellz. Poor thing was abused herself.

  4. So everybody jumped on kodak black for no reason when he commented on lauren/nip. You can tell Nipsey was just going with the flow with her, lauren all over the place. Just like she got offended when the girl asked her about marriage and she started twisting words telling her when she get one….blah blah blah

  5. Even without all the issues and allegations surrounding R.Kelly, I could never fathom women finding him attractive in a sexual way. He was handsome,but his creep, weirdo vibe always came through for me. All that being said, I’m disappointed in Rih’s judgement.
    1. Are you describing Rita O with Nipsey?
    2. Cassie just needs to move on. If she didn’t squirrel it away when she was with him, it’s gone girl.
    Let’s talk about Chili and Nick Cannon! I do not recall that union!

    1. Girl No! Its not know damn Rita Ora .Its Karen Civil.That damn Haitian is something else. I don’t trust the bitch due to her background. I can betcha some kind voodoo is being played in all of this.

      1. You obviously are prejudice against against Haitians, so I’d advise you to shut the fuck up. Don’t speak on shit you don’t understand and know about.

      2. Please do not put Haitians into this. This is something you clearly do not know what you’re talking about.

  6. Omg I met LA Reid when I use to intern for Def Jam, he be looking delusional.

    Rih was setting this up to get back at Bey, wood thank god she waited !!

  7. Yikes. Did he have herpes when they was gonna smash? I am so confused. Do they all just pass it around to each other. Yuck 😧😧😧

    1. Of coarse! And the crazy thing about it is The CDC Headquarters is in Atlanta! When them fools is going to call them out and shut shutdown?

  8. LA wanna be chased by these women so bad. Nobody’s checking for his milk dud head ass.

    Now that yall are saying it might be karen civil, it’s starting to sound like that.

    Poor cassie, she needs to just gone and start working elsewhere bc music won’t be checking for her, ever again

    Rih so damn petty. All the allegations and sextapes from r Kelly make him so disgusting to me, like I can’t see him as attractive no more

  9. It’s crazy how things are never what they seem. That GQ article & video of the questions they had for eachother comes out shortly before Nipsey’s passing & it comes out now they weren’t really together like that for awhile & Lauren was w/someone else?

    Either way, Lauren should want better for herself & her children after all these years still hooking up w/all these dudes that’s not leading to any kind of monogamy, long-term commitment or marriage

    Cassie should’ve been stacking the allowance money in a separate savings account instead of whatever ways she was spending it for her to be broke trying to get money she’s never going to see from Diddy that she thinks he owes her. Maybe she can get back into modeling or do some more black rom com movies to bring in some income.

    I can’t believe Cassie put up w/all of that nonsense for 10+ years just to have a nice lifestyle & now it appears she wasted her youth if she couldn’t even secure something worth her while. There’s no kids or marriage there. Money isn’t everything if you’re enduring cheating, abuse & who knows what kind of weird sexual escapades that were going on during that time compared to being married & pregnant w/a man who is crazy about you & only loves you. She would just need to be realistic & downsize

    What does Lori Harvey think of Diddy posting, deleting & reposting that Ciroc ad w/Cassie the same day she announces she’s married? Like why do women do this to themselves? There’s not enough money in the world to be out here being w/someone the same age as my father that has me out on vacation somewhere exotic meanwhile posting on the gram pics, videos & comments of their ex & staying for whatever reason when your mom’s boyfriend is providing that luxury lifestyle anyways.

    Considering like other young female artists who were taken advantage of mentally, emotionally & sexually underaged by these disgusting execs, anything that comes up on Rih on possible hookups or actual hookups at this point would not surprise me. But @ least in this case it DIDNT happen. How can I call someone out their name or “cancel” them when this is often the behavior more often than not that happens when someone is either being sexually promiscuous or being attracted to just as disgusting types of ppl who took advantage of you underage for so long as you get older when that’s what you were exposed to no telling for how long before being fully developed to think that’s okay & healthy to do?

    I mean there were several artists including Jay-Z & Giselle that didn’t think it was R.Kelly in that early 2000 tape or even if they did chose to ignore it & continued working w/him for hits & more awards so this whole “what about Rih” when we would need to have a list of several ppl to “cancel” including Giselle still that found R. Kelly attractive & wanted to smash him when it was all said & done

    I mean if Rih has an STD, wouldn’t that mean her billionaire boyfriend does? That part I’m not seeing.
    The only man that’s cool w/someone who has an STD is if they have one themselves

    Isn’t Toni B married to Babyface? What year was this?

  10. You were about to get into Salli Richardson at the end of that video. Had me hanging on to the edge of my seat. She’s still gorgeous after all these years. I wanted to know what you had to say in regards to her.

    I always get fucked up vibes from Karen Civil. Something about her ain’t right idc. I’d have to burn sage and wear a big cross around her iffy energy havin ass

      1. Lmao her shit stay sliding forward dang near past her brows with her Gizmo the Gremlin lookin ass

  11. Editing…
    I’m having difficulty understanding some of the points. Rihanna and Toni/Chili..

    Somebody explain please. Thx.

    1. Basically Rhianna was in the works to get REAL personal with R. Kelly 😉. This was gonna happen around 2016. All the allegations were now out there when she was considering it. She probably was gonna do it because of pettiness. Beyonce allegedly wanted Kells too. Still disgusting on BOTH women’s part because they know Robert is a pedo.

      Chilli and Toni got into a fight over Floyd. L. A. Ried switched it up to make it look like they were fighting over him. I am guessing this happened awhile back.

  12. Cassie use to spend a lot of her allowance on drugs y’all, well pills. I know this for a fact I guess to get through the abnormal relationship she had w Diddy … I def agree she should’ve saved that guap, look at how he did Kim Porter 👀
    She’s lucky she got it, and just in time while he’s busy with another Lori. It was perf timing.
    Bc of Diddy wasn’t busy w someone else he really liked, Cassie wouldn’t have left so smooth 👀

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