September 26, 2022

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12 thoughts on “Heaven Hollywood: The Truth Behind The A-Rod and P Diddy Situation

  1. This is wild! Who knew that even knew each other much less had a rivalry?? Diddy is and always will
    be trash. And he was with Cameron Diaz?? That’s news to me.

  2. These coincidences be tripping me out 😂😂 I’m glad somebody reminded Diddy that he can’t control it all.

  3. Diddy is the reason Cameron Diaz isn’t popping right now anyway, cause Cameron was one of those golden girls who ain’t supposed to be with no black man haha bet you Cameron wish she would’ve left well enough alone now. Diddy always had a soft spot for J-Lo anyway so maybe that’s why A-Rod was so quick to defend. He finally got her and wasn’t about to let Diddy sneak in again lol

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