August 15, 2022

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25 thoughts on “Heaven Hollywood Droppin The Uncut Truth About Hollywood Part 1

      1. Meaning that yall have already heard about the stuff that celebrities do. It just confirmation from folks like G and Heav

  1. Hev let me say this first sorry for what you went thru as a child😢 but you always gives the real on what ppl thought they knew🤦🏼‍♀️ truly appreciate you taking the time free time to share all this because ppl stay asking the same shit in lives about this subject so hopefully we’re past it… LIKE YOU SAID ALL THESE BLUE 💊 PULL MUTHRF’N PPL WHO SUNG THIS AIN’T NEW TO SOME IT IS SO PLEASE STOP WITH YOUR FUCKERY IMMEDIATELY AND IF YOU’RE NOT HERE FOR IT JUST DON’T FUK’N LISTEN PERIODT💯💯 COMING FROM A DAY 1(HEAVY HITTA) Ummmmmmmmmk CAUSE IT’S MAD DISRESPECT FOR OTHERS💯💯🙌🏼🙌🏼 THANKS HEV BABES AND MUCH LOVE UNTO YOU😘😘🌹💝

  2. Which explains why Giselle and Jay ask to buy Alexsandra’s son! I remembered her telling me that offer her 15k! She said , ” Hell No!”

  3. Now I remembered when Janet had her eggs frozen at 30. So when she got up with her last husband, she definitely had to carried her son. Why? According to Islam, woman has to carried her own child or she can become barren. So Janet took that risk and had her son.

  4. I am definitely a Heavy Hitta! My shit started in 1994! I got some shit to tell yall about some of the stuff I been thru!

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