September 29, 2022

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35 thoughts on “Season 4 The Truth Behind The Break-Up Of Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey

  1. I remember Nick saying all of this. And the ladys on the view drag his ass for naming all the women he slept with. Alot of people felt like he disrespected his wife Mariah Carey. He was wrong for that.

      1. Wasn’t just that you wills ee in part 2 that was just the cherry on the sunday she had warned him

  2. Wow, Nick was messed up for that. Major disrespect to Mariah. I wonder if her eventual deactivation had anything to do with it? 🤔

  3. Ughhh sounds like he wanted to show off….I’m sure he would have been pissed if Mariah said Jay was better in bed than him….smh

  4. For the life of me I don’t understand why Nick Cannon was ever even an option for Mariah. Something is going on with her because her choices in men are strange. She should’ve gotten with a billionaire in her twenties and been sitting pretty since.

  5. I thought it was so corny he had to show off and name drop the women he slept with. Nick may have a chip on his shoulder and always have something to prove. People has been clowning him for years before he got with Mariah.

  6. Hey G, I know this have nothing to do with Mariah and nick. But there is a rumor going around about Nicki being the rapper 69 handler. How can a deactivated rapper or singer can be someone else handler? I don’t believe that but I know that drake don’t like 69 for some reason.

  7. Hey G, i know this have nothing to do with Mariah Carey and Nick. There is a rumor going on about Nicki Minaj being the rapper 69 handler. How can a deactivated artist be another artist handler? I don’t believe she is but something not right about her working with him. And Drake don’t like 69. 🤔😞🙃

    1. Yes! I remember a member said they were escorts. They of course were pissed at her and said she was telling lies.

  8. I always felt like something was always off bout Mariah….like mentally due to things that happened to her in Tony’s house when she was with him… Like some SERIOUS mk ultra shit… Noticed her OBESSION with butterflies 🤔…

  9. i always thought their coupling was kinda odd. when he pulled her i was like ok nick. and im sure he felt like the man now cause he was def getting clowned before he got wit her. you would always hear people callin him corny. that was wack though for him to do especially if they were already rocky.

  10. Funny thing about Nick… Corny or not..He kept a beautiful woman around… but then when you realize how easily these women were bought, it all makes sense. Look at his list and it tells you right there before Mariah. Mariah also loved how Nick played into her diva antics… that’s how she liked them.

  11. Ok G, just reading this and had no idea something as silly as this broke them up. I was thinking it was due to her having all the “yes” people around but I guess I’m wrong

  12. It’s immature to name drop. Nick also talked about Mariah during his comedy bits and he lays it all out there on their sex life etc. Mariah seems a little self absorbed too. I don’t know her personally but she seems pretty arrogant in interviews. I don’t know what happened to the 90s Mariah bc the Mariah now doesn’t seem to be the nicest lady

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