October 1, 2022

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37 thoughts on “Season 4: The Truth Behind Why Giselle Won’t Leave Jay Part 3 of 3

  1. Can you tell us about this “blonde hair” she’s been rocking ? It’s been forever …. is there something behind that ?

    1. When your into rituals and stuff blonde is the color they want you to rock that’s why cardi also switch to blonde it’s really weird she could probably explain it better

    2. I remember reading somewhere that she got a HUGE L’Oréal endorsement and has to keep it blonde. She’ll receives a few mill a year.

    3. I remember G saying awhile back when cardi did the “blonde hair ” it was to let the elite know she was ready… now ready for what I guess sex or whatever they needed her to do… I have to look back on the page.

  2. I’m waiting on bey deactivation. I would love to see who replaces her. What becomes of a deactivated person anyway? Is it death? I wouldn’t wish that.

    1. Well in the new album she said she patiently waiting on her demise🤷🏾‍♀️ But that prediction pg I’m not sure how accurate it is but they said Normani and Chloe is taking after Giselle

      1. Yes the sister Chloe I’ve been on their ig and she seems like she wants this more than Halle

      2. I believe Chloe would be next. If you pay attention to her she has a lot of Giselle’s mannerisms and vodkas.

  3. G I know this is off topic but what’s up with the industry these last few weeks? At least 4 people haves died in the last 2 weeks alone. What’s really tea?

    1. It’s summer celestial season change.. So Every year around this time… They kill ppl.. I call summer time hunting season for the crazy ppl… They do this as rituals.. All groups of occult have some type of meetings and they sacrifice ppl, children and animals

  4. Is there a story on her and Julius? I remember years back other blogs tried to say he was her cousin.

  5. Whew! Chile, I just about got diabetes reading all this sugar!!! G thank you! All of this made so much sense. It is such a shame that Beyoncé is under his spell but her being afraid makes things clearer to me. I was reading somewhere that having Jay by her side gives her protection in the music industry and that that is what she is afraid to move without. I guess I have to say I understand. She’s always had a man protecting her and doing her dirty work behind the scenes. First her dad, now Jay. Gisele knows the music industry is very misogynistic and Jay’s pull is what makes people jump. Now that I really think about it she will never leave unless she finds another powerful man to latch onto.

  6. You mentioned Jay coming up for deactivation; is that perhaps why Drake said,” might go down as “god”? Like how jay referred to himself as “hov”? Like he’s the new god of rap?…. Or am I just too high and reaching?? 😗

    1. I agree. Especially thinking about the new album where Jay addressed Drake picking Apple Music over Tidal & saying “niggas rather work for the man than work with me”. Jay is threatened by Drake

    1. I’ve noticed Tina always posting on Kelly’s pictures about how beautiful she is and how much she misses her but Kelly straight up ignores her comments!

      1. Kelly is ALWAYS gushing how much of a mom Tina Knowles was to her till the point I was suprised it was announced her real mom died. She never spoke about her. I think Tina is that petty mom where whens shes mad at her daughter she’ll temporary replace her to make her jealous. But when they come back Tina will throw Kelly away. I’ve been “mothers” do this before.

      2. Yes and she always post bey but sometimes post Solange I just feel like when she post Solange its forced…and bey probably just kiss her ass just cause that’s her mom

      3. Reminds me of that Madea’s family reunion with the two daughters and the mother. She favored one daughter over the other.

      4. Kelly did not mention her mother because her mother did not want to know anything about the spotlights but she used to accompany her to some concerts until she got sick with cancer. I had been sick for a long time and died, I think a week after Kelly gave birth to Titan. Kelly does not talk much about her family, just like he has a brother and there are very few pictures of him. G, I hope Kelly has nothing to do with that industry world because I admire her forever is my Go Diva Goddes.
        There are people who usually tell Kelly in her ig saying that Tina does not love her and that she stays away from her.
        PS: Tina is a devil

    2. I love how they made the public believe that they took in Kelly when she was a little girl when thats far from the truth. Ann Tillman (the real person who put DC together) took Kelly in first. Kelly was with that woman up until she got sick.

  7. juicy!!! might be a little off topic but how does the elites decide who they want to sacrifice or if you’re an upcoming star and its your turn for rituals and sacrifice how does that work do they ask you who will you give up or do they just pick whomever they want? Especially amongst other artists how does the sacrificing work. Like lately lots of celebrities have been getting killed, were they sacrifices for now artists or much bigger artists. And whats the details on this XXXTentacion rapper his death seems super weird.

  8. Beyoncé girl listen you can do sooo much better than Jay Z’s camel looking hot breath cricket teeth unfaithful smelly Medusa braids looking self

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