October 5, 2022

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13 thoughts on “The Truth Behind The Beef Between Tupac & LL Cool J – From IG Season 4 : Part 2

  1. Pac heard “I Shot Ya” which dropped November 21st 1995 [Tupac was released out of prison on October 12th 1995] So Pac was out of prison and heard that track “I Shot Ya” now LL meant for it to be taken that way.He even did the remix and put the 2 Grimey Queens Niggaz Mobb Deep on there who were sneak dissing Pac.Biggie who dropped “Who Shot Ya” early that year, which dropped Febuary 20th 1995 when Pac was in prison.Now LL decided to put it out now Pac was out of prison. Pac definitely knew LL was subliminally dissing him because he talked about it in a VIBE Interview in March of 1996 Pac said “Niggaz been talking shit all while I was in jail,LL got a song called “I Shot Ya” Even if it ain’t about me,Nigga you should be like I’m not putting it out he might think it’s about him” So Pac went into the studio on March 7th 1996 and went in on “Lil Homies” outro where he said “Fuck all you niggaz,Ay LL meet my Lil Homies,LL Cool J Nigga I’ll rock yo mothafuckin bells” That version of “Lil Homies” got leaked after Pac died.It was going to be on a Mixtape.I heard LL seen Pac at a Lakers Game on February 2nd 1996 and was trying to get Pac attention but he ignored him.They also seen each other at the MTV AWARDS where Pac and Suge were seated in front of LL.I was hearing Pac Young Dawg Fatal said something to LL. I don’t know if Pac said anything but I’m quite sure Pac might’ve said something to LL.

  2. LOL I had no idea lil kim was part carribbean I never hear her rep it. She has been said to think of herself as a Latina woman deep inside lol. I would think her and foxy would have gotten along since they both had West Indian backgrounds

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