August 18, 2022

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22 thoughts on “Season 4 : The Truth Behind The Secret Meeting Between Giselle and Rihanna

  1. After Madonna did that speech for Aretha my mind blew . G, did someone sacrifice Aretha and Madonna making the speech was the elites showing what was done? Her nephew was just reporting the day before she died that she was in good spirits and was going to make a full recovery

    1. Why would they do that Aretha had cancer since 2010. She will always be Queen mother of soul she was in her 70’s

  2. I didn’t watch the show but saw that speech as I was watching other shows off DVR. I took it as Madonna grooming Camilla to the elites just like Madonna had her initiation in 1984. Notice in the speech she made all about herself she kept staring @ Camilla & the camera kept panning to Camilla before she even got to the nominees

  3. I guess it’s cool they squashed the beef but I’m sure after the Anti sabatoge she’s really not trying to be close like that to the Carters but at least will be more supportive.

    I honestly hope a duet never happens

  4. Madonna’s speech was dry and all about her life and not Aretha. She looked like a witch. What was with that outfit?
    G, please give the backstory on what’s the real tea on Jay and RiRi? At one point, he used to be everywhere with her…like he was with foxy back in the day. For years I have not seen them together, even when she was being honored and she is still his artist. Did they have an affair? Was he going to leave Gisele for her? (The ring the alarm song). Thanks for the hot tea ☕️

  5. Rihanna was at the hospital when blue ivy was born…. I wouldn’t let anyone see my baby if we had a beef. Just saying….

  6. Right was there ever anything between rih and jay even though they say it wasn’t but are you sure he ain’t want to sniff her or taste it cuz the way he gets all happy about rih you swear that’s his women and rih be checking his ass.

  7. i definitely remember watching the awards and thinking “damn that page called this shit” (i was a new sugar baby at the time…lol)….soon after i was a FIRM believer in the sugar for sure…G is definitely the GOAT in this blogging shit!!! 💪🏾🙌🏾

  8. I guess they agreed to disagree and play nice so they can open up another revenue stream for themselves through their newly rekindled fakeness . Smh!

  9. You surlys are the GOAT G…. Your sugar be right and right on point and that’s exactly what happened so you be on it Boo… #SugarBabii4mDay1🖤💯💯🖤

  10. Glad the meeting happened they are considered black royalty and will be treated and treat each other as such. At least in front of us. 😂 lol fake industry family.

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