October 1, 2022

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54 thoughts on “The Truth About Giselle, Chico Debarge, Ray Ray, Robert and ….

  1. I can’t wait till all her tea is spilled after she is gone…biggest fraud in the music business…nothing genuine about her…

  2. I had no idea she was after Chico… So Usher phase most have been after they made it with “no no no” single… Bc I’m like when did she have time for all this action in her short 8 years of dating timespan before marrying jigga in 04..

  3. I think B is a beautiful woman, but there is nothing that can ever convince me that she won’t be 42 in September.

  4. G I want to find out what’s going on with Demi? Hadley breaks up with G-Eazy (both are known to do coke), then he pops up with blonde hair and holding hands with Demi, and a week or so later she overdose on heroine. What’s going on?

  5. No wonder they keep saying Chico her Papi lol on YouTube they said ms.tina was creeping with him but now it make sense to say the mom when it was really Giselle but I believe she bouta be 40 too and if she was really born in 81 why she the only artist that push the year of her birth so hard

    1. Or already in her 40’s. did you see them pap pics of her from the back her butt and shape looks just like her moms and I think she got her butt done a lil

      1. And no wonder they keep saying she was pregnant in her teenage years when she was 17 this all makes sense now

      2. I know at one point she had lipo and I could have sworn there was footage of her with butt pads slipping. Don’t get me wrong she’s always been thick but she’s not opposed to enhancements.

  6. I’m sorry not Chico but el Debarge they said was her real dad😂😂😂shit I got confused with the names

  7. Matthew knew what he was talking bout when he said bey usher and pink the same age on breakfast club..she always looked older than the destiny child’s members

  8. And her stans always wanna day perfect lil Gisele lost her virginity to jay z yeah fucking right 😂😂. He even said out his own mouth she had a man when they on that new album, so I know she BEEN fucking left and right before him. He just the only one that tamed her ass

  9. i find it so ironic that none of the younger male singers (Chico, Mario W. Mario, Lloyd) really made it very far in their careers and they were well on their way at that time with the singles, videos, etc….man oh man if we had social media back then (im 38)…wild times…lol

  10. I always figured that Beyonce was fucking around.. it is cringing to see how they try to portray her as innocent all the time. Also, she has horrible taste in men. Chico is cute and all but why does she like these old men. its not like she had daddy issues lol

    1. Right I’m starting to think ms.tina and her did some type of voodoo for her to be just like her momma or something everything about her seems old even her choice of clothes

    2. Now, I can answer that! Earth signs females, Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn love older men. Its the distinction of the way they carried themselves. Their aura of their persona is very thick and hypnoticizing. You can’t help but to fall in love with a much older man. Me, personally, give me another Taurus, Virgo, or a Capricorn man 10 years or more, and watch how stupid this Lady Taurean get real stupid when it comes to much older men. It is very very addicting! ♉♍♑

      1. This is factss I’m a Virgo woman & have always been attracted to older men even when I was younger I’ve never dated anyone my age😩

  11. Matt Knowles got real nerves to be outraged about somebody drug use when ole boy stayed coked up in these Houston streets throughout the early years of Gyrls Time AKA Destiny Child.

    1. Exactly. I was told coming from the horse’s house herself, she had watched Mathew did powder herself!

    2. Yep. Matt was out here smoking up all the money Tina was bringing in from her salon. The Jaguar and the 6 figure Xerox job was gone long before DC popped off. That fairytale they sold to the public is faaaaar from the truth.

  12. And Giselle is about to be a smooth 40. Sis was in the same kindergarten class as my girl who just turned 40.

    1. That’s crazy. But why would she lie about her age ? I want to know the motive. I mean I want be younger but I wouldn’t lie about my age. Crazy!

  13. 😳 I literally thought of and was singing Chico in the shower!!! That man… whew!! Sexiest bald man I’ve ever seen and I was like 6 crushin! Lol …..” so what’s going on babe…..is the looove still good…” cdfu

  14. So I guess the gut the keep saying lucked out when he dumped beyonce cause wasnt putting out is a lie she was putting out just not to him cause he was to young

  15. Seeing Giselle had a crush on R Kelly, did she fuck him too? Coz in his new song he says he’s not mentioning any names but he admits fucked someone’s wife. I just assumed he meant Giselle seeing him and Jay will never be friends again

  16. Shoot Giselle looks mid 40 she’s aging horribly. I believe she’s had several abortions. Blu and those twins are fertility pills and treatment babies.

  17. B has never been as whole some as she has tried to protray herself. There’s nothing wrong with that but why put a front. I always heard that lie about her age. My question is why lie? It’s only a couples years younger not like decades.

  18. a bit agave…some of your fav and i mean FAV artist have lied about their age and it is only a pr move because it helps you appeal to a younger audience which is your target audience so if b fans knew she was well past 40 they wouldn’t treat her with the same energy they do now trust.. they do it with actors and actresses too just so that they can appeal to the target audience and keep making $$$$

  19. Wow, this is interesting! I also believe B is much older than she claims, although I have no proof. She just looks old in my opinion. I don’t mean that as a diss. I’ve seen pics of her without makeup/filters and it clearly shows.

  20. Let me add to this Chico, and Bey secret romance. Around these streets in Houston, it was said, she was pregnant for her first boyfriend, around 16 yrs old. And had an abortion. So if she was preggers with Chico offspring, that would be back to back abortion. And u can’t do that, or else it would be hard to get pregnant. Thats why, maybe she use an surrogate for Blu Ivy! And having miscarriage after miscarriage with Jay! It was hard for her to get pregnant with the twins. They use fertility drugs. There was another story that when she couldn’t get pregnant after Blu, she and Jay was seeking to ADOPT! And was close to adopting a baby, when she got pregnant with the twins….and dump the idea of adopting!!…smd!

    1. Remember, when I mentioned that Alexanderia got pregnant from Mathew and Bey and Jay wanted to adopt her baby? This was right before Blue was born. The reason(s) was they was going to give 5 figures which was too low. Also, she thought she was going to get more from Mathew. At first, he told her to keep the baby, but as time grew further along, he asked her to let Bey and Jay raised the baby. Bey, Jay, Solange, and Ms. Tina all knew about Alex and her son. They didn’t want that wholesome image of a family to be tarnished. So next thing you know, she loses everything. House, her son’s private schooling, everything!

      1. So he actually got 3 younger kids?
        I want to see before and after pics of their surgery cuz mama Tina look a mess I’m sorry she just don’t have the glow

  21. I keep hearing that she’s lying about being her age. Gabby said they went to high school together. I mean they could have been in different grades but idk. If it’s true ig it’s to appeal to the younger generation. Why is everyone saying she looks older than she says she is though ? She looks normal for her age group.

    1. She probably gained weight to be able to keep the illusion of being pregnant and as you gain or lose weight thats when tiger strips come to visit IDK just my thought

  22. I believe it..beyonce been scrapped more than a empty jelly jar. I remember wondering why her stomach looked so weird rumours were she had tummy tuck after abortion.

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