October 1, 2022

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33 thoughts on “Season 4: The Truth Behind Why Gisele Stayed With Jay Part 2

  1. I believe every word. I remember seeing some clip where she was like, “Jay taught me how to be a woman”. I was like, what the fuck? It’s obvious she’s not strong and she likes the power couple persona. If she didn’t she would have been left that man. And I don’t know any of them personally but the fact that he’s ugly as shyt and cheating like this is just downright OFFENSIVE. Mess.

    1. Right.. nothing hurts more than a ugly ass man playing the shit out of you… even if he is a RICH ugly man

  2. Wow… I remember how she used to be so so humble and poised. G, I have a question…. Since she mostly doesn’t write her songs, how do the writers know how to put her feelings / pain into words? Do they sit down and she tells them everything about her life, what she feels? I wonder because they projected that « private » image.

    1. She gets with the writers tells them her ideas then once the writers put their hard earned worked into it she goes after and changes a few lines and snatches publishing rights on it. That is what she did to neyo and that is why they fell out. He said fuck that and put the reference tracks online to prove he wrote the entire song Irreplaceable and Giselle cut him off. Anybody seen Ne-yo since they fell out? NOPE Pretty much Black Balled him like she did Keri

      1. Just Wow!!! Pure evil… to sabotage people’s career and money like that. Thank you G. for answering.

      2. When I first heard Ne-yo’s version, I thought it was an answer to her record, I didn’t realize it was a reference track at the time.

      3. So my question is she blacked balled many people to stay on top as a r&b but now the industry is about rap? So basically r&b is not a thing nomore so in order for her to stay queen she just switching over to rap? So which direction the Industry going. I have noticed they not pushing r&b as much now

      4. Sure did G! And she hasn’t gotten another hit song from him ever again. Can’t be burning bridges from those that arw trying to help you.

      5. Yep that’s exactly what I said too. Adele never shoulda gave her award to Beyawnce let that bitch cry a river. It’s all coming to a total downfall not just because of karma but the deities she’s channeling (Nefetteri) fell down from her power real bad and died. Yikes! I just hope none of her kids get harmed.

      6. And ever since she fired her best song writers all of her albums are trash. Nicki is just as dumb for burning bridges with Safaree.

    2. Same way you hear a song and it sounds exactly like your life.

      She just listens to songs and picks the ones that apply to her

  3. Resentment was written for Victoria Beckham and Jazmine and Giselle did there version of it. which I like jazmine the best. Its funny tho bcs Victoria seems to be in the same situation Giselle in. As for free Giselle or J still seemed managed to get her kicked off 106 and park.

    1. Word here in Texas was that Matthew Knowles had a sit down with Free and paid her a large sum of money to abort Jayz’s baby. He didn’t want his child to deal with the embarrassment nor tarnish the image. Next thing I know is Free went on a 2 or 2 wk hiatus and left AJ hosting by himself with other guest hosts til she came back.

      1. Oh that’s true!!! No doubt about it. I remember the hiatus too. They tried to do Alexsandra the same way.

  4. How did Jay get initiated into this world? Damn Rhi why is she with other people’s man? I’m not solely putting blame on her it take me two to tango. But did she have to get with Jay because of record deal or did she just do it for giggles and shit?

  5. So when did she actually fall in love with him because if it was just for the money status and fame then jay cheating was just him doing him her intentions was ill from the beginning. He knew she was weak that’s why he showed her material. But in the new song apes**t she said she don’t care bout fame which I think she lying or she realized it comes with a lot since she’s in deep

  6. Hell, I remember when B-Day came out. Giselle and Mathew was on 106 & Park. That was why Free & AJ was on it. On that interview, as Mathew was talking, Giselle was in a trace. The camera men keep the camera on her at least 20 seconds at the most. She was staring into space. Then, when brought her birthday cake out, her nephew Julez was riding along the cake which was too cute.

  7. And g you are right she does have a drinking problem according to her she drink her inhibitions off.

  8. I remember the Free situation. Free was clear as day looking pregnant on 106th and Park and then all of a sudden she wasn’t. G, did you ever do a story on the Free situation?

  9. Everybody think this is a beyonce hate train no I personally use to love beyonce especially when she was with destiny’s child it’s just obvious she’s a dif person since getting with jay

  10. its like a pimp – ho situation he controls it all she’s turned on by the money and power

  11. lol you are so biased when it came to Kim and Kanye story it’s all about love no mention of rituals what si ever. You honestly think bey and jay are the only ones. Wake up. I love the blog but stop painting the kardashians in this unfaltering light when get real everyone knows what they’re about and you honestly don’t think Kim is Kanyes handler just like Amber was. And you never mention Kanye and the truth about what happened to his mom or the story of the kardashians gma smh

  12. Her evolution definitely coordinates with J’s presence. I was never interested in her because that shy timid image never drew me in. I didnt really give Bey a chance until after that album with Halo 9n it was out and 8 saw her performance at Essence Festival and I was impressed with the great show she put on so thats whY got my attention. Before that I never saw what the big deal was about her, I would cringe during her interviews because I hate the way she talks, i dont see her do very many interviews of any sort any more lol

    1. I know and she was always too scripted with her answers when she used to be interviewed. They would never really ask her certain questions.

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