May 22, 2022

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13 thoughts on “Off The Press Jay- z and Nas, J-Lo and Kim Comparing Dm’s

  1. So jay and giselle stay together for business but are in open relationship .
    That explain why she showing her ass like that , she searching dick .

  2. I want to see their dms so bad lol it’s seems like a hot girl summer. Jlo, Kim, saweetie, ella bands. Come through girls!!!!!!!!

  3. Nas, I need you to stay away from Gizelle and Jay. Those demons will hurt and eat you alive. Especially since you up there in millions from smart investments.

    Do you mean Brad Pitt? I can’t imagine what Brad Pitt and Jlo have in common. She seriously needs to have a relationship with herself.

  4. Nas and Nicki couldve been that power couple but Jay Z got in Nas ear badmouthing Nicki to him and saying she wasnt a keeper. Jay Z is not to be trusted. He is a snake. He is jealous of anyone doing better than him or competing with him and Beyawnce

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