July 6, 2022

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16 thoughts on “OTP: What Has Happened To Megan Thee Stallion

  1. Dam! I saw the live with Pardi & I’m like uh oh he bout to knock her out. She think everything is a game. She’s always laughing when shit not funny. She needs to grow up before it’s to late for anybody to want to help her out. Seems like she has nobody because idk who it is she’s hanging around now since the shooting. It’s like nobody fucking with her no more.

  2. I’m still saying it something is off about meg i truly believe the image she put on when we 1st started paying attention to her were all gimmicks. Even posting about doing homework, gimmicks. I don’t believe tory shot her and i don’t even think Roc Nation belives it too. And she is most definitely probably a horrible person when she drinks

  3. Megan is a dummy and I completely believe that Roc Nation is mad as hell that they even dealt with her in the first place. They will definitely distance themselves and drop her at the most convenient opportunity.

  4. I saw the live too and if u listen to the background noise, it looks like she was doing coke. Also it seems like Pardi had her back. She was locked up in the bathroom with 3 other females.

  5. I just watched the live with Pardi yelling her name 🥴🤦🏻‍♀️ We really watched her come up and now watching her fall apart smh. It’s soo crazy

  6. We are watching the rise and fall of Meg in real time. She’s in a delusional fog she can’t see her downfall smh

  7. I figured she was in the bathroom bumping kitties 🐱 with someone lol. You did report the other day that she has a girlfriend, low key. He probably got fed up.

  8. Well seems like Megan is on her way out the door.. I had to google who Pardison Fontaine was and still don’t know who he is.. She is spiraling out of control and seems like she stays drunk all the time and drugs if any so that is slowing and clouding her mind that she can’t think straight and realize this is ruining her career and if she really did (idk) sacrifice her mom it will all be for nothing. She needs to wake up and she needs guidance.

  9. Pardison has been latching on to female rappers for anyone that doesn’t know. He’s an artist himself but doesn’t really pop that way. He’s a writer. He Cardi ghostwriter but you’ll see his credit on many of her songs alongside his. He was just dating kashdoll. He’s who Nicki was referring to when she said “imitating Nicki while ya ghostwriter dissing me” & said on queen radio something like tell men to stop writing about me trying to diss me and just see my husband. When these incidents happens Parsi always makes a post on IG trolling so he likes the attention of being the ghostwriter. I feel like he’s riding megs coattails. If I was her I wouldn’t be with him just off the strength that people will start to say he writes for her.

  10. G – did you mix up who said what? I was trying to follow. 1 min A.S knows her people are done with her. The next A.s doesn’t know.

  11. Easy to bash this woman… But what is the root of all of this? How did she end up spiraling out of control so quickly? Who is in her corner to talk some sense into her? Not people she is paying.

    I hate seeing everyone jump on the hate train to drag her ever chance they get. I just want to know what happen from that Tory situation to now for her to spiraling knowing she has a Target with so many people questioning her story as is.

    It’s all sad and I’m not a fan to see someone’s demise be cheered on and it’s happening in front of millions to see.

  12. See! See!!!!! This is exactly why I say I love her music but I don’t like her as a person. She AINT the type of chick I would rock with. So sad…. I don’t believe the Covid thing tho cause why hide you had Covid? It don’t make sense

  13. She likes toxic men because she is toxic as well. I don’t believe Tory shot her and her drunk ass probably don’t know what happened for real. She’s fake as hell and now people are seeing the real Meg

  14. Iam from Houston, and everything about Megalodon is a LIE! her whole image being the weird hot girl that likes Anime is a damn lie lmao

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