July 6, 2022

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7 thoughts on “OTP Highlights from Our Publicist Group Chat It was hot!!!

  1. There is this video going around on tik tok where saweetie was at the table with megan and normani and ciara . Saweetie was turned and facing away from Meg and Normani …..
    Saweetie said she was just really hungry lolol
    I just wonder if this was an event that Jayz and Bey were at? Maybe Saweetie didnt wanna be there if it was? Idk!

  2. I said this Monthssss ago…. the way bey was acting around meg a the grammys.. you can tell something wasnt right…. and I also said I think meg slepted with jay…


    Bey shot meg in the foot over Jay…….😂🤣….. just joking

  3. I love the group chat segment 🤣🤣🤣… JF was a trip…who’s pardison?🤣. Sipping my coffee imagining ya’ll just casually catching up on the tea.

  4. Hold up. What kind of publicist is JF if she doesn’t know about Joie or Pardi (at least from recent events) lol. Maybe she is in a different entertainment area like sports or actors?

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