May 16, 2022

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20 thoughts on “Heaven Hollywood (Exclusive) The Truth About #SurvivingThePettys

  1. This is a catch 22 for Nicki. At this point, if she responds she’s going to face a huge wave of backlash. If she doesn’t respond she’s going to catch backlash. It’s hard to say what the best move would be. It sucks because right now she should be happy enjoying her baby… but instead it’s never ending drama at every turn.

    1. I said it already i dont believe it because it makes no damn sense. Why would she want her to change her story, a crime he plead guilty for IN THE DAMN 90’s lol come on 11yrs in the industry y’all really think nicki that dumb? Her dating life is her personal ish she chose to be with that bum. But i do not believe she has threatened that girl.

      1. Yes! We think Nicki is THAT dumb! She stay associating herself with sexual predators. I definitely believe the victim when she said Nicki called her! A snippet of a phone call was leaked a few weeks ago of Nicki arguing with Kenny ex best friend sister over all of this!
        She wrote “Lookin Ass” and look who she ended up with!!! She’s trying to protect him at all costs. This is going to back fire on her! When there’s smoke there’s fire!

    2. Divorce. Cut ties. Say she was deceived and once she found out she divorced. That’ll clear her.

      1. Thats really all she can do.

        But G have you seen Noseys other videos, she talks about the demonic industry too with guests.

  2. I just don’t get how or why Nicki and Kenneth would be trying to get her to “change her story” the story he already went to jail for & had to be placed on the sex offender registry for? There is no changing that story. It’s already secured in the database.

    And what good does it do Nicki to try to get this woman to try to do that? to make her say it was all a misunderstanding or something to make Kenneth look better so people will stop saying he’s no good for? That means she would have to debunk his other 5+ felonies he got… it just doesn’t add up.

    But like I’ve said he ain’t worth all this drama. Definitely not worth staining your brand over.

  3. Y’all need to be honest about Nicki & how she moves w/these problematic men in her life.

    It’s always about who pleases her sexually & who she thinks she can control w/her money except this time, she’s really met her match w/this guy w/a grocery list of a rap sheet & nothing but continuous problems

    The fact she’s rather go out w/this man ruining her career & brand should tell you everything you need to know. It’s always something w/this man & it hasn’t & will never go away

    It has never been a good look for her & im not surprised now mainstream outlets are finally picking up this story

    This is reckless & ignorant on her part to even entertain a man w/a history of rape & murder & has to register as a sex offender wherever he lives

    Without knowing these cases or the details she’s always made it about the victim to diminish them & either tried to say it was consensual for something her rapist & murderous man was already convicted of that ppl should move on

    Why would someone need to lie about being threatened for their life? Then what if something happens to the victim? Is she still lying then?

  4. She should’ve never got with Kenneth let alone have a child with him smh. I’m pretty sure he didn’t tell her the full story but who would? Especially it being a rape🤦🏽‍♀️

    1. Her own family members already publicly confirmed she is Kenny’s rape victim via YouTube interviews.

  5. People don’t realize when you are in a abusive relationship it can be mental and not physical. Nicki has gone through a lot with this industry and as a woman may have been looking for someone to protect and love her. The devil always shows up dressed in everything you always wanted. So yes i think she fell for his lies and tries to fix his image for the public sake. Just like other women change their looks bc they’re self esteen low, she blindly put her love and trust into a bum. Her ego won’t allow her to take another L, so she going all the way with it. Stop thinking these celebrities are perfect and not human capable of flaws. If she in the industry and sold her soul, why is this far fetched? And dont say she didnt because her bank account says she praised the goat to get where she is. Now the goat wants to collect because she stopped wanting to be down a long time ago. What happen to protect black women? I guess when it involves people fav that don’t matter. Crabs in a barrell I guess. Maybe they wanted her to recant her story bc they had a judge in their pocket who could help with the sex registry. Possible, because they have fixers in the industry who can do anything. Funny people will believe in blood sacrifices, sex trafficking, gay for pay in music/hollywood but not this womens story.

    1. I agree as much as I live nicki she had no business what so ever getting with him. I do feel like it happened at a time where she had no one, so out of desperation and need for protection she got with him. I agree she wants to save face, like cardi so instead of doing what’s best for her child she’s staying in a potentially dangerous situation. I’m praying for her though I know what it’s like to feel like you have no one.

  6. I don’t believe the threats… Maybe the fans are threatening her and she’s assuming it’s them. Nicki already knew about this shit, she knew what was coming dealing with him. Why would she involve him in the threats knowing his ass can go right back to jail

    1. That was part of her plan. She was getting older and saw all her female rap peers getting married and having kids – except her! Her hate train was going on, she got with Kenny out of desperation just to be married and have a kid. She knows he’s going back to prison and she could care less about being a single parent! He’s 5 years older than her she clearly didn’t know everything about him! He’s being lying to her and she found out the truth and his lies are destroying her name, image and brand. She gotta keep this “I support the best husband” image up. This won’t end well situations like this never do!

      1. y’all are sad and pathetic lmao who gets married and have a kid with someone just to do it y’all love making up stuff

  7. Nicki is sketchy af. EVERYONE knew he was rapping girls and she didn’t and she allegedly grew up with him???? Bye nicki

  8. This blog and the people in the comment section are pathetic y’all really believe anything that these idiots tell y’all involving nicki and kenny. Nicki gives you nothing at all and since she’s off of social media y’all doing this same story over and over again lmao

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