July 1, 2022

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26 thoughts on “Drake Exclusive : Woman Accuses OVO of Sexual assault on Minors

    1. I believe it. I don’t believe she’s married to Drake however, they probably messed around. I do believe the allegations though, lbs cool w/Drake or not I don’t see his crew getting a lot of play. Men who don’t “pull girls” are more so capable of committing these type of violence. They probably feel safe because of Drake status, but if it’s real and it gets out it will destroy his brand, guilt by association. Plus I don’t know how true it is, but a while ago it was me too movement about drake it just didn’t get any attention because they claimed he settled and payed her off. Idk for some reason this is seems suspect like a scheme to take Drake down. Even the so called wife, I think it a burner account. Only thing I can say is distance yourself (Drake) before things hit the fan. Just like in mafias or gangs they always want to take down the Top Boy. I always stated I don’t trust his crew, I really don’t trust that baby mama of his and his obviously have enemies already, so who really knows who after Drake. But he need to grow up, settle down (not necessarily relationship wise, but partying and sleeping around wise) and he needs to adjust his friends, circle. When your the only money making mf ppl envy that and will smile and your face only to stab you in the back. From Adonis to Drake I been having a shaky feeling lately that some how their both in trouble. Obviously not financially, but something been moving my spirit that their in danger or some sort of trouble. I feel like their all in on a plot to take him down.

  1. I remember you speaking of this woman. And I said then she sounded crazy. If she is indeed married to him all anyone has to do is pull the marriage license since it is public record, like they did with Cardi and Offset.

    And I still say if Drake couldn’t hide Sophie and Adonis, how is it possible this lady was able to lay low. Also with how it is alleged he treats Sophie, I find it hard to believe he would let the secret wife run her mouth. Also if you married why you let your husband carry on with a side piece for So long.

    So Let me get this straight. 1st she is his “loving wife” now she is accusing his team of being child molesters? Chile, I sense this lady is about to be in a world of trouble. These are heavy hitting allegations. If she has no concrete evidence, it won’t end well for her.

  2. That’s a big left turn to make from what she usually posts sheesh. I mean spill the tea because these 4 are the closest to drake so of course if anything comes out it’s gonna trickle back to drake and have people looking at him sideways. People are gonna say if these 4 are abusers than what does that make drake cause They’re his closest friends & they was just traveling with him so how is he “disgusted” if he keeps them around. she gotta be prepared to shine a big controversial light on her “husband” too.

  3. I don’t believe she is legally married to him. This other stuff who knows. I do know something is not right with her and the story

  4. I want her to spill the tea! Those men are in the industry so I’m not surprised if what she is saying is true and if they are doing that I hope they get put under the jail

  5. This chick isnt married to him she has no legitimate proof and why would drake follow sophie and not her ive seen the nonsense she post the first time drake went to the Bahamas she said its the first time here with her son now she’s say they have a daughter and she pregnant again if she was with him im the Bahamas how come no one has seen her girls full of shit wheres the proof there would be atleast 1 picture of them together but not a single picture then shes saying he got her that Marilyn Monroe dress but hes had that dress for a while I think this chick is just a crazed fan that probably be caught now by his team saying shes his wife and all that and whats to drag them down with her when they expose her crap so shes trying to get ahead of it get some sort of publicity before getting called out just my opinion

  6. My aunt had a friend that used to follow Maxwell…she spent so much money on travel tickets, concert tickets- that’s how she was always in the same places as him…this lady could be stalking him. And her allegations aren’t really far fetched- think of all the uncles, older cousins, hell coaches at your schools that have been pedos..

  7. It would de dope if you referenced her IG so readers could confitt th m her online identity. While I believe this, it’s giving very “up in the air” receipts. No handles on the story just makeshift ransom letters.

  8. Whewww these are some heavy allegations. That could ruin drake. I really hope it’s not true but if so castrate them all.

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