July 6, 2022

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20 thoughts on “What Was Left Out of Wendy Williams BioPic and The Sugar Behind Other Bio Pics

  1. I was watching the Wendy movie and I said to myself “She’s not going to talk about biggie and Puff kicking her out.” She definitely didn’t mention judge Mathis interview. Lol I remember watch Arsenio Hall show, when he interview Vanity. She told him she was engaged to Nikki. I think he has denied that he was ever engaged. Didn’t understand why he would lie about that.

  2. I like the Wendy movie over Salt n Pepa’s. I was waiting for her to talk about Eric Sermon and throatin Big. She probably was too scared Kim might pull up on her ass. Ralph never looked like he would be into drugs. But sometimes them be the main ones. Ricky, Halle, and Shari! Honestly Shari looks like she’d be boring and Halle doesn’t seem like the type to share dick. I need to see the tapes 😂

  3. Saw Ralph looking drugged out in LA with my own eyes in my early teens. Lips were all dry… my sis was so devastated because she had A huge crush on him.

  4. Of course they didn’t get into all of that in the biopic… it’s just 2 hours and they probably had legal restrictions to how far should could go. Who in their right mind would add a murder plan to their movie?

    Notice Angie Martinez wasn’t mentioned… EVER! And she came to whip Wendy’s ass for telling everyone she was with Nokio and pregnant.

    Alllooottt of stuff wasn’t included- just from what I can remember myself back then.

  5. I never post but had to say… YO G I appreciate you playing the hold video… video music box was the shit! #Nostalgic

  6. Damn now i see why biggie put the lyrics ” Not the Marriott, we be lucky if we find a spot
    Next to your sister, damn I really miss her
    Way she used to rub my back, when I hit that
    Way she used to giggle when your ass would wiggle” in his song!!!!!! He was talking about KIM SISTER!!! Damn

    1. I always wondered what happened to Miss Jones. I remember being so hype singing her part on AZ song lol.
      She was hotter than Angie Martinez.
      Give us some more 90’s tea
      Oh and Luther Vandross I always imagined him and Freddie Jackson hanging out low key lol

  7. BEST POST EVER!!! LOL. I just heard the Bobby Brown episode of Questlove’s podcast (Sidebar: Quest will spill tea on folks sometimes, mainly in relation to himself) and Bobby talked about being in Japan and Mike Tyson losing that fight. He alluded to what was said above but didn’t say he was involved lol

    And also…not frying chicken in coke!! Geez!

  8. Out of curiosity, what happened to Ms Jones? I remember waking up one day and the show was gone

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