September 30, 2022

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14 thoughts on “O.T.P Behind the Scenes of A Publicist Group Chat

  1. Damn I felt like I was in the chat. Dababy does look like a super freak ctfu.

    I was thinking the same thing about Kenya. She try act like she just left. Who else has Kanye messed with? Did him and bey ever get alone time. I swear they touched each other or something.

    Megan real hair is pretty. But she should just strip or make an only fans.

    So Michael really like Megan? Megan crying awww. All that savage talk and little Lori then remixed her play. That’s what she get for being petty to Kylie.

    1. Exactly she a hoe and mbj wanted no parts look how she lying on Tory she could try to get him like that now it’s funny ppl believing her lying ass bit what if it has been mbj nobody would believe her so wtf they believe her on this one

    2. I completely agree about megan. I’ve been saying that she’d do better as a stripper for awhile. She doesn’t give me rap superstar at all🤷🏽‍♀️

      As for MBJ, I don’t think he’s into women no way…if so, maybe bi but I def don’t see her as his type. That would’ve been a publicity deal.

  2. Yep I didn’t think Michael b Jordan liked black girls and was shocked he was feeling Meg. I don’t think Meg is his type. I think Da baby will be back with his bm soon and Dani will be left looking stupid again she doesn’t want to be looked at as the side chick but she is….

    1. She is the side and run when he call meme broke up wit him and doing this to be petty and Dani just so damn dumb and think she won no bitch and she do all this on social media but when meme tried to contact her the first time she blocked her on everything they def coming to bliss because when meme ever see her it’s on-site period ain’t no talking

      1. Maybe meme should let it go. They both should do better. You mad at Dani but he just had a baby. Make it make sense.

      1. @EricaCBH he must really like Dani cuz he damn sure ain’t publicly post the other bm. He just spoke on the baby.

  3. Danileigh loves wearing that 🤡 mask. Dababy is gonna do what he always does…leave her. While he was messing with Dani(even tho they were supposedly not together at their time, I don’t believe that) and the baby mama, he gets ANOTHER chic pregnant. The ghettoness of it all. Watch Dababy will be back with the baby mama by Christmas. I hope the baby mama puts her foot down and says hell no. She wears the 🤡 mask as well.

    I honestly think Meg comes across too hood for Michael. He was probably trying to get pass that and like her. But with the Tory incident, the hood scale tipped over 100 lol. That really isn’t Michael’s brand, so I can see distancing himself. Lori gets around, but at least she is quiet 🤣 .

    Kenya, girl, go take some seats lol.

    This PR group chat was good lol.

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