July 1, 2022

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11 thoughts on “Q Anon Crashes and Burns Reveals It’s true Colors Admits They Were A Hoax

  1. IDK Not gonna argue because there was never gonna be winners vs losers after all of Donalds term . The movement was to shed a strong light on the swamp , if you believe in Donald is gonna triumph YOU HAVE TO BELIEVE IN TIME TRAVEL AND HIDDEN TECHNOLOGIES AS WELL if you dont , you will just assume LOL Donald didnt accomplish shyt HE AIRED ALOT OF THINGS OUT to start off the Aquarius Age SMDH !

    Called out Prince Andrew and Jeffrey abuse of young girls = they all turn on each other , Jeffrey begs Donald for protection and has to fake his death .

    Wayfare trafficking = exposed , alot of CEO and execs step down resign .

    Celebs with idle time expose their agendas over and over , they have no talent because no random pet projects were released , we literally saw flawless images walk around bareface and ugly .

    ” Ketchup ” and ” Pizza ” finally went mainstream , now there is no excuse for celebs to randomly proclaim they didnt know what it meant when they said it .

    Sex Workers and the backlash , wannabe thots dont really make easy money from OFanz and everybody knows it now . Kidnapping and abduction was way down due to scamdemic and no kids in school , NOW THEY CONVINCE THEM EXPLOIT THEMSELVES ON TOKTIK SMDH !

    Ppl didnt get tarred and feathered YET , but layman ppl were woken up to the bshyt and if you want me to continue …


  2. A lot of people have woken up..that’s still a blessing but I am not surprised. Once they started talking about the whole JFK jr maybe possibly being alive …I became suspicious and stopped following. I wonder how Liz Crokin is doing?Just went to her youtube. She deleted her videos and now currently only has 1 . People in the comments upset at her. EEEK!

  3. Is there any truth regarding Nancy Pelosi and a photo of her supposedly being escorted out by all female US Marshals? Supposedly when you are a female and you are arrested, you are not given a male on your detail. Just asking cause I saw a photo floating around.

  4. “Biggest trick in the book was for Satan to convince people he was not real”. All of the stuff they talked about really happens in Hollyweird; however, to put all this info out on full display and then say “ oh, it’s a hoax”…. nope. They did that to keep on doing what they want to do, and to make people think it’s not real. They used Trump…and knew how gullible to conspiracies people ( especially alot of white people) are. Joke well played to keep on doing stuff right before people’s eyes… hidden in plane sight. Psy-ops at its finest!

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