May 16, 2022

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19 thoughts on “Hot Takes 1/18/2021

  1. Jlo why you being so defensive that shows your lying
    Ben affleck is he gay?
    Dr dre is in fact a clone but what happened to the real one
    Weekend definitely is

  2. I thought was said previously on here it was a combo of Vince and her attitude that got Tamar fired? Now it’s Wetv’s fault.

  3. Of course Bey and Sol are upset he was being disrespectful and messy.
    Jlo now girl you never had Botox either 🧐 eyebrows drop with age yours just keep getting higher 🤫
    That’s not Dre! No way full recovery at home from a aneurysm in less than 2 weeks that’s a medical miracle!
    I want Chris Stokes and MH to go DOWN!

  4. Bey and Sol are mad because now they have to do unnecessary work to have Beyoncé’s internet scrubbed again. Jay knows how to make stuff disappear. But on the other side ppl been saying how messy Sky is. I guess it’s time for her to be grown. Still not okay thou

    1. Sky is very messy, she instigated that whole situation with bhad Bhabie then played victim and pressed charges. She didn’t deserve to get exposed but she does have a very nasty attitude.

  5. I knew Beyonce & Solange would be pissed. The boy was disrespectful and messy. He put the drama out to the world. That isn’t the Knowles/Carter way. And he brought Beyonce name in it to defend his messiness.

    JLO, sureee no work done… Sureee OK 😉😏.

    Trey knew better. Guess he needs the coins 🤷.

    Will the saga of Tamar and WEtv ever end?

    At this point I believe Raz B. Chris raped those boys. The story has been around too long and it never really changed.

  6. Juelz is not a carter/knowles he is a smith. He has 2 different bloods in him so he might just be doing this because he wants like other teens. I hate how he called skai a dark bitch like juelz you are wrong in all ways. People leaking him masturbating. He leaking vids its just too much.

    Im sure they are pissed not only is juelz fucking up. Jay z nephew fucking up too with a sexual assault case. The family is going through changes where they have to realize these children don’t give a shit. They using their names for their own gain.

    1. True, he has his dad side. But he is best known and semi famous(if we call it that) from his Mom who is a Knowles . And his aunt a Knowles/Carter. Since they are the famous ones they carry the weight of the drama. The headlines don’t read his daddy’s name, but Solange’s son And Beyonce’s nephew. Juelz knows this. That’s exactly why he said, ” my aunt is Beyonce,” in the group chat when being sued was brought up. That boy knows who butters his bread lol. But like I said, Beyonce and Solange want the private life. Doesn’t mean the kids will.

  7. Why clone Dr. Dre so late in life? His career has been over he has basically been out d the public eye so what would be the reason to clone him?

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