October 4, 2022

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14 thoughts on “Sugar Cubes Akademiks vs Asian Doll Beef Akademiks said ” Von Had A Whole Baby on The way

  1. She definitely has been annoying since that mans death and I get it we all grieve different. I loss my daughter father in 2001 to gun violence and people told me I was tripping, but once they pointed it out I chilled and really grieved at that point because initially it was anger but I didn’t realize it at the time. She need to grieve properly, I believe it’s guilt that’s getting to her as well as attention seeking/clout chasing.

  2. How can you take anyone from King Vons team serious after they let the Manager talk so recklessly right after his death doing interviews? Did they have that energy when they stole stuff from his house after he died? The medium Asian used to speak with Von is the truth so she cant be lying about that. Jus bc people dont agree with how someone else grieve should keep it to themselves. Would i do what she is doing No but it’s her right. And since when people agreeing with AK? Is it because people dislike her? Social media be fake and bandwagon as hell. She called JT a monkey and so. Who puts rules on roasting when arguing? Its not like Asian a white women.

  3. Can’t listen to his “team” but no his family doesn’t mind they know they were the real deal lived each other. Him having a baby on the way doesn’t mean he planned it like he was going on life without him 😂 the were talking before he passed. Anademics said 3 months but the month before Von set up a club booking for both of them to be together. Akademiks wasn’t friends with Von so he shouldn’t be in that part of their business to say how she can grieve. You can look at their videos and see he was into her as much as she was into him.

  4. I believe she is grieving, and I don’t believe she had nothing to do with his death. I thought y’all insinuated that durk sacrificed him? Now it’s over Asian doll? And now y’all agreeing with akademic for arguing and picking with a little girl now?

  5. I feel bad for Asian doll and think this is just her way of grieving and trying to keep his memory Alive… yea they weren’t together when he died I think his team was putting it in his head to leave her alone.. but you can tell they loved each other. Then this drama with JT.. all she did was play her verse and if Meg was a real friend I think she should have gave Asian a heads up like hey you not gonna be on the track bc Asian said her and Meg was friends in real life and here we are again Meg lookin like a bad friend again and JT look like a bully coming for Asain

  6. Not even a fan of Asian doll but you cannot tell anybody how they should grief. That’s very ignorant and evil. Even if they wasn’t together at the time they did date. Nobody know their relationship but the both of them.

  7. I’m sure she knew he had a baby on the way. They were already broken up before his death anyway. Its not just von she griefing over. Her step dad died and her mom died as well. So yeah she’s dealing with a lot.

  8. I don’t understand why she’s even news. If that man hadn’t died, we wouldn’t even be talking about her. She’s posting all that dumb childish stuff online but has yet to post music. What’s the reason behind all those angry, messy posts if you aren’t putting out music. The same ppl going so hard for her in the blog comments will be the same ppl who won’t stream or buy her records. *Shrugs*

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