October 3, 2022

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61 thoughts on “Heaven Hollywood’s ” This is What I heard.”

  1. I heard Nicki was having a girl but either way I’m happy for her getting what she always wanted. I think she’s going to pull a Kenya Moore with Kenny lol. This might’ve been the perfect time for her to have one with the world shutting down and everything. I ain’t mad at you Bey get you some young fine dick. I bet August won’t tell that story 😂😂

  2. Say it ain’t so Ginuwine 😂😂😂😂 everybody wanted to ride that pony once upon a time!! This was some good tea right hea nah!!! Wonder wat Will gne say to August tho🤔 August be looking feminine sometimes tho🤷🏽‍♀️

  3. I use to want Rihanna and Drake together.

    I’m so happy for Nicki!!

    Damn Nick..I love wild n out!!

    August always the other man

    1. Halle Calhoun better get her damn coins together. Nick paid those girls real good and her stupid ass hanging around Kash Howard and Venecia Andrews aka Vee. Her mama, Laura Calhoun is not out of the woods either. Should a been on Team Truth instead being a stupid ass bird for R. Kelly. According to the DA. Which one? It’s not Kim Fox and I will leave it at that.

  4. This is the second thing this year I was correct about. I said Nicki was due in September but I thought it would be a girl. Second thing is I said Meg &Tory would be considered a Rihanna and Chris 2.0 right after it was announced. Jay z uses the abuse thing to propel Rihanna and he is trying that with his newly acquired artist

  5. I don’t think victor really trust karrueche like that.. but I can be wrong. Vibe never lies tho

    1. They do seem disconnected at first I thought they were so cute but then he just started to look like he doesn’t want the relationship anymore.

  6. Chris is slowly maturing… proud of him. Hopefully is doesn’t fall back in the cracks. He’s been doing good so far.

    1. He is sleeping with other girls while ammika has been in Germany for 7 months and he has been using drugs he just do it in his house

      1. You didn’t have to burst the bubble like that 😭 let us believe the fantasy.

  7. No disrespect to Nicki, but I can’t believe she really married this dude and is going to have a baby with him.. but who am I to say that, if she’s happy then okay cool. God bless them. I just think she deserves better.

    1. We really don’t know enough about Kenny to say she deserves better fr fr her status probably doesn’t mean anything to them he knows the real Nicki that we don’t see.

  8. God please protect Vanessa… that industry is no good. I don’t know what she does for her self but if she doesn’t know how to take care of herself and her children she gonna fall in the cracks.. 🤦🏽‍♀️

  9. Will Smith is fake as fuck.. you don’t give a damn about Jada you just mad August exposed the fuck shit.. ego hella big. Will probably tap that too but of course August not gonna admit that one..

  10. I honestly think bow wow and Joie should have had another child together. She out here going back and forth with future and him. That’s probably why she been all over the gram trying to get her next lover lol how she mad at bow but still hoping for future when bow haven’t had a heap of kids on her smh.

    😂😂😂😂jay probably saying I wish his ass would do me like he did will😂no wonder August was always in the background in the industry waiting for them marriages to have some problems. The entanglements lawwd.

    On the pink print album Nicki did say she wanted a child in 7 years it’s been 6 but her 7th she will be taking her son to daycare. She said daughter but hey I’m happy for her.

    Heaven or G do y’all know wtf wrong with meek? He said his stomach been messed up and he also looking real skinny.

  11. I don’t want Drake and Rihanna to get back together.. I want them both to be happy of they were happy they would have already been together.

  12. Drake is a groupie like shit he’s looking lamer and lamer Idc how he does in his career, him as a person is crappy. His bm deserves Better.

    Rihanna should just heal and stay to herself. What’s the status on her and ASAP?

    Vanessa needs more time unless she been over him as her lover and just grieving their absence. Either way why tf people so press for her to get a new man. She has two daughters that needs her attention right now.

  13. That lawsuit for karrueche shouldn’t take long because Jacob York ass owe karrueche that money period point blank.

    I’m not surprised Rihanna’s brothers pulled that stunt of trying to play middle man between her and drake but I thought they were cordial anyway and were already communicating as friends? So if they did that then that must mean him and her ain’t spoke in a minute.

  14. Even if rih gave drake a chance it wouldn’t last. I strongly believe what I was told which is he just isn’t it for her. They may work together but she seems to be over his ass.

  15. I heard there is someone in Vanessa s ear trying to get her to come out of her shell and continue on with her life – VANESSA WHO??? Vanessa Simmons …. Vanessa Williams …. Again VANESSA WHO 👀👀👀🤔
    August n Gizelle shits getting real weird in the industry when C list is Bumping A++ talent it is the NORM 😐🤷🏽‍♀️
    Rih n Drake with the porn star BM and the young n hot new Chic* Drake gotta lot going on to say the least. Do y’all honestly have think Ri Ri would consider giving him a 101 chance? I’m just waiting for CB you to add another flavor or Asian and Black to his line up… 🙃

  16. Chris is telling people Ammika is the one but he sleeps with other girls while she is in Germany

  17. Good tea🍵.

    But Chris if someone is the “one” for you, you don’t go out and screw other people 🤷.

  18. This is Bow Wow’s second child he had lost. Remember he and Erica Mena lost a child together.

  19. August must love married women. Can we get more of the August and Beyonce tea!? Whew child 2020 is showing the fuck out.

    1. Yall should be ashamed of yourself wanting someone to break up. Yall gon be feeling real stupid when nicki and zoo last because its real love not know Industry relationship

  20. Wheeewwwwwww wasn’t expecting all of this !!!! I knew August and Bey done messed around !! You can tell Body language is everything!

  21. I think joie and Chris would look so cute together both good parents and wonderful dancers plus I can’t stand lil bark bark

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