October 4, 2022

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28 thoughts on “Hot Takes 2/26/20

  1. The arresting cop was Hispanic with the last name Ramos. The arrest situation is beyond f*cked up! 😡😡😡 it’s really sad that Odum can’t get his rings back. Drugs is another tool which keeps us as a people enslaved! I wish the brother well!!!

    1. Wet blanket during Carnival. People were apparently trying to have fun with her and he blocked anyone from coming near her.

    2. That’s what I want to know. She should have left his ass home. It’s time for her to let him go. This fool going to act out no matter where they go. Shame. I need to pay that man his money and be done with this fake ass marriage. She can get a another man with a real job.

  2. Kenny acts like a nicca that’s been locked up for 25 years and just released. As if he hasn’t seen the light of day in decades. He is odd acting and looking. I hate him for her

  3. NBA Youngboy? I thought that fool was with Floyd Mayweather’s daughter. I might have the wrong ass person. So many of these so-called rappers now. But damn. This youngin got them going all the way crazy if that is him. Because Yaya was just running from some girl who said NBA told her to fight her. I can’t keep up no more. Sad.

    Poor Lamar. He needs to get that girl gone ASAP. He don’t need Kobe to tell his ass that. She over there bustin his ass in the face and shit. She needs to go. This goes bad, he may spiral and I was really rooting for the man.

    I just want the Kardashians to stop it, already. Today would be a great day to do that. By now they have all the generational wealth they need, right? What are they doing?

  4. Kenneth should’ve sat this one out 🤦🏽‍♀️ It’s a carnival sirr, relax and enjoy yourself! Nicki should’ve left his security ass at home!

    1. All them fake innocence girls like the guys like nba they think its cute but it just shows how both of them are messed up. I knew he been got popped😩but i listen to his music all the time.

  5. That fight looked soooooo fake in the trailer!!! They dont even know how to pretend to fight right.

    I pray Lamar opens his eyes and sees that woman for what she is..a snake in the grass

    What do you mem NBA Youngboy got popped?

    I was wondering if Weinstein was also gonna “commit suicide” a la Epstein

    Oooh, what did Nikki’s hubby do in Trinidad?

  6. When will the wannabe hood rat from Dr. Phil disappear! I don’t want to wish bad on anyone but I can’t wait until her time is up (fame not life)

  7. Dnt nba got herpes or some shit like that?? 🤔🤔😩 Nd I’m so tired of the bad babie bitch! Always in the news for some fuck shit. Idky mfs even give her the time of day to even put her in the news! Just ignore her lil flea ass so she’ll disappear! Fast ass lil girl! That ass whoppin Vicki gave her aint humble her ass? Shit!! Lol 🤦🏾‍♀️ And Skai lil fresh ass, smdh I still can’t belirve her mama wit the fuck shit too!! They all tryflin. Meanwhile nba claimin another broad lol smh sad

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