October 3, 2022

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24 thoughts on “Hot Takes 2/25/20

  1. Didn’t Cynthia just get married? Why would anyone say Vanessa would do that? I’m pretty sure she will donate that money. She got 400 million.

  2. LeBron made this a story by not answering. Now it’s trending everywhere “did he or did he go?”

    If he didn’t go then it says ALOT every other Laker past & present was there but him especially everything he’s said the past few weeks about taking on Lobe’s legacy & Kobe’s spirit being inside him to replicate a dunk

    & if he was there, why can’t he say he didn’t want to be filmed? Boom then it’s over

    Everyone gets angry. It’s not specific to race. What ppl don’t want to say is they’re intimidated by a BW & don’t want to be put in check if they’re on some BS whereas others can seem more submissive or be convinced to put up w/their BS longer than what a BW would

    This thing w/the Wades needs to go away. This new agenda or exploiting your kids for more fame & fortune is old & tired & ppl have caught on

    Cynthia & Mike are legally married? This was doomed from the start when Mike admitted he’s cheated on all his ex wives & had Cynthia meet all this female friends at his house. Also, Cynthia’s young daughter living there full time while Cynthia is in ATL is kind of weird too. The fact that Cynthia was setup by Steve Harvey should’ve gave her a clue on how this was going to end

  3. Whoever saying vanessa doing that is the person whose trying to get something from her. Like geez its only been a month can she get her mind right first before they start the bs. I personally think Vanessa is crazy lol but still leave her alone.

    Well cynthia yall should have slowed down that marriage was fast.

    If kim really did cheatit would have been all over the place. Especially how much people don’t like her. Who keeping a kim kardashian cheating secret?

    I never liked Dwayne wade or lebron. They give me jealousy jock vibes they’ll do anything for attention and for people to talk about them.

    Bhad babie just needs to reevaluate her life she still young she got room to grow. But skai that skai jackson is going to fall hard when the ppl done with her. I hate to say it her truths will come out. Bhad is the second person to say skai be in ppl dms. And skai lil ass look crazy fr

  4. I’m not surprised about mike and Cynthia didn’t anybody see the episode when he was talking about his past life
    And his daughter got upset and started crying
    Bad barbie girl bye can someone knock her out already where’s Vicky
    Vanessa doesn’t care about money she would give up just to have kobe and Gigi back that woman is broken
    Pete go put on that dress you had on from snl
    Kylie next gonna trade mark her vagina smh
    50 😂 😂 I’m sorry but that’s funny

    1. She doesn’t care about money? The 3rd day after his death she was telling people to donate to his foundation, she also sent ppl to pick up all the memorabilia from the staples to sell online, she is also suing these flight companies (rightfully so) but it still won’t bring him back. She also accepted a diamond in return for his cheating so.. maybe I’m trippin.

  5. So because yikes dropped after it debuted at #23 extending her record for the most hot 100 billboard enteries tying with elvis getting ready to pass elvis she is deactivated lol wow g. She making history with karol g with tusa but she deactivated at this point who cares.

  6. I’m so sick of the angry black woman narrative. I have plenty of white homeboys and all of their WHITE ex-girlfriends are crazy and angry asf let them tell it LOL

  7. LeBron is damned if he does, and damned if he doesn’t. There is just no pleasing everyone. 🙄
    Nicki’s legacy is solidified. I don’t think she really cares anymore. She said this song was something fun and light for her fans bc they kept asking her to release more after she uploaded a snipet. Also, the song did very well considering she had no promo or video.

    1. Also was released at 3 hours late….. Meek put out that song with JT the same day at 12 am and charted at 90 and left but they wanna talk about Nicki

  8. When did Cynthia and Mike get married? I thought it was in October of this year? Cynthia was wayy too thirsty ..She is too emotionally needy…

  9. Pete Davidson ol jasmine masters face ass got some nerve lol

    If Onika doesn’t get tf in TV already! I’m sick of this shit.

    1. I wondered the same thing, they seemed good. But he did say he “was playing house to stay near his son” so idk ☹️. Seem like a stand up guy but that statement is all out of pocket!

  10. That Mike Hill dude seems fake to me. So sick of kylielips. Why not just trademark planet earth!? Rapist supporting rapist! Lol Pete, he kinda looks like an alien

  11. Nicki gets no radio play, the fact that it went to #23 is amazing. Everyone getting their songs played every 10-12mins on the radio, that’s why the charts are boring filled with the same people same songs.

  12. I hope Nicki isn’t tripping off the numbers. Though I know the industry is built on them, she is still doing big shit. If nothing else, we can say she’s resilient. It’s some shit when you have people trying to take you down, by all means necessary. It’s some fucked up situation to be in. I hate that. They need to leave that girl alone and stop trying to fuck with her creative flow. It’s not right. I ride for Nicki because I see what she’s capable of and I see how strong she is.

    As far as Cynthia, as much as I hate to say it, she’ll bring the situation on herself. And then she needs to take it up with Mr. Potato Head (Steve “the liar” Harvey). Ain’t he the one that set the two of them up on his show? Welp. Honestly, she seems more into Mike than he is into her. She shouldn’t have had to drop all those damn hints for him to propose. Girl, you and ya bestie Kenya in rocky ass boats.

    Dear Pete Punk Ass Davidson: When thee fuck did we ever show yo sassy ass any attention to make you think WE were INTERESTED. Sit yo ass down somewhere, punk ass.

    And Kylie trademarking her hair? I’m unclear. What does that mean, exactly? Is it a hair line that she has? I’m sorry, I don’t really follow her like that.

  13. Oh, and that bitch from Dr. Phil needs to be reported. That’s a terrorist threat.
    Where the fuck is Red Table Talk now? Jada! Harpo! Where y’all at?! This some bullshit.

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